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Deputies at L.A. County Sheriff’s Office say racist gangs run the department

Deputies at an L.A. County Sheriff’s Office are claiming that their bosses are members of white supremacist gangs ...

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Girl group behind famed Motown hits finally get props for making others successful

The three women are no longer pushed to the background and were overwhelmed at being featured in the Motown Historical Museum, in Detroit. ...

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Jesse Jackson Honored for Anti-apartheid Work

He was honored “For his excellent contribution to the fight against apartheid.” ...

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Government to place more interest in drug treatment

This Administration remains committed to a balanced public health and public safety approach to drug policy. ...

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Blind, shot father of nine about to be evicted after losing his job

By Blackbluedogs When the tragedies of life hit us, they can often hit without mercy. A man in Michigan knows this all too well, as he is trying to find a way to provide for his family in the face of overwhelming odds. Sean Kelley is about to be homeless, along with his wife and nine children. He was shot a few months ago after leaving a night club. The shooting left him blind and unable to work. “I could s ...

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Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison gets into heated debate with GOP Rep. Over profiling

By Yvette On Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) argued in favor of profiling Muslims in the name of anti-terrorism. King said although most Muslims are “outstanding people”, the threat of terror still stems from “the Muslim community.” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim Congressman, challenged King’s notion that blanket profiling helps law enforcement. In fact, accord ...

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“Mad Men” recreates King K!lling showing how far removed whites were from the tradedy

The AMC critically acclaimed drama “Mad Men” just recently took on a very challenging task of paying homage and telling the story of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in last week’s episode. “Mad Men” takes place in the 1960s and is about an advertising agency on New York City’s Madison Avenue. The episode showed the point of view of the characters upon hearing of MLK’s assassination. The ch ...

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ELECTIONS BILL PASSES SENATE, COULD GO TO SCOTT SOON By BRANDON LARRABEE THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA Posting or forwarding this material without permission is prohibited. THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, April 24, 2013........A bill aimed at fixing the snafus that plagued Florida's 2012 elections cleared the Senate on a party-line vote Wednesday, though it's not clear how close ...

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When is Mass Media Insults Enough?


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