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Florida Republicans shoot down Medicaid expansion plan leaving millions of Floridians in limbo

Medicaid expansion plan, thereby casting millions of uninsured Floridians into a state of limbo regarding healthcare coverage. ...

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The Essence of a Black Woman

Her heart is as pure as Africa’s gold ...

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Supreme Court hears voting rights challenge

Supreme Court to determine whether a key section of the Voting Rights Act should be upheld, Justice Antonin Scalia referred to the provision as “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” ...

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Some students have become ‘numb’ to violence

The different reaction might be because children have been forced to deal with violence when their minds should have been focused on the simpler things in life. ...

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Dorsey adult education center rekindles the legacy

D.A. Dorsey Adult Education Center concluded Black History Month with a program under the theme: Rekindling the Legacy of Dana Albert Dorsey ...

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Broward commissioners approve Vice Mayor Sharief’s proposal to increase fines to promote responsible dog ownership

commissioners directed the Broward County attorney to amend an existing ordinance that increases fines from a sliding scale (dependent on income) to $500 for dogs trained to “fight” and $300 for dogs not licensed or spayed/neutered ...

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U.S. Appeals Court upholds injunction halting Florida’s drug testing of welfare applicants

The ACLU of Florida, with co-counsel Florida Justice Institute (FJI), challenged Florida’s 2011 law requiring all applicants for the TANF program to submit to a suspicionless drug test in a lawsuit filed on Sept. 6, 2011 ...

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Newton Sanon named president of OIC’s National Presidents’ Association

Newton Sanon was elected president of the Executive Directors’/Presidents’ Association of OIC of America, Inc. (Opportunities Industrialization Center/OICA) on Feb. 25, 2013 with a unanimous vote of his peers consisting of OIC Execs throughout the country ...

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Florida Memorial University will celebrate 134 years of existence

Florida Memorial University, South Florida’s only historically Black university, will celebrate 134 years of existence Tuesday, March 12, 2013 during its annual Founders’ Day Convocation ...

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