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Cervical cancer is the 15th leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Florida

Cervical cancer is the 15th leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Florida, but it is the easiest gynecological cancer to prevent through screening, vaccination and lifestyle changes ...

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What every Black woman should know about hair loss and fibroids

A recent study shows that Black women with a relatively similar type of hair loss may also be at a high risk of developing fibroids. ...

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How hospitals are failing Black mothers

How hospitals are failing Black mothers ...

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Sickle Cell patients suffer discrimination, poor care and shorter lives

“It was really hard to bathe in here, and I found myself not wanting to touch the walls,” she explained. The bathroom is where Brocks-Capla’s son Kareem Jones died in 2013 at age 36, from sickle cell disease. ...

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Not-So- Happy New Year: Alabama set to toss kids off insurance plan starting Jan. 1

Citing Congress’ failure to restore federal funding of the Children’s Health Insurance Program Alabama plans to drop 7,000 kids from coverage on New Year’s Day. The first step to shutting down coverage for everyone, state officials said Monday. ...

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U.S. announces new policy for pathogens that could cause a pandemic

The government lifted a three-year moratorium Tuesday on funding for research into ways that certain viruses can be made more virulent and transmissible, announcing a new plan for assessing applications to study these and other dangerous pathogens ...

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Fighting the toll of STIS in Black communities

While sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a concern for all, statistics show that Black people are particularly at risk. ...

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Annual survey of students shows marijuana use up among grades 8, 10, & 12 versus 2016; virtually all other substances decreasing

The Nation's annual survey of students reported today marijuana use among all grades was higher than last year, signaling that marijuana use is rising in a growing culture of acceptability. ...

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An experience with the ancient, medicinal psychedelic

I was dreading it. A group exercise where participants share their experiences and insights from the night before, integration required a level of openness I had not yet reached ...

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