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Cavemen keep sexism alive

women are the primary or sole source of income in 40 percent of all American households that have minor children, ...

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Hip Hop can maintain political momentum

1.7 million more African-Americans voted for President Osama in 2012 than in 2008 ...

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President Obama and Chinese President prepare for summit

The new Chinese President XI Jinping and President Obama will meet at a private estate in California ...

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President Obama’s speech justifies war and counter-terrorism

President Obama gave a broad and comprehensive address at the National Defense University on how the United States and his administration have developed a strategy to manage global threats internally and externally ...

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Dr. Dre and his $35 million to USC

Dr. Dre of NWA fame announced he was endowing the University of Southern California (USC) with $35 million ...

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Governor Scott accelerates five death row warrants

Governor Scott accelerates five death row warrants ...

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Entertainment choices galore

As entertainment consumers, we fall into three categories: high, moderate and low entertainment spenders. ...

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Take a recess from closing public schools

Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has announced plans to close at least 50 schools as a cost-cutting measure. ...

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In jobs, we’re in a race to the bottom

federal dollars drive inequality by paying contractors who pay too many of their workers too little ...

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