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To whom much is given much is expected

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10) NKJV

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

As we begin Black History Month, I am forever reminded of how much we have given and how little we have gotten in return. If the premise for our giving to build this country was based on a selfish belief that whatever talents, time and effort we gave we would receive the same in some form of compensation. We would, I do believe, have jumped ship during the American Revolution.

Our innate spirit of love for all mankind has brought us across a many troubled waters and has continuously carried us to safe harbors throughout our pilgrimage here in this whole-wide-world.

Even though the question of  “existing or truly living” may be asked of our presence here, the question of our purpose leaves no doubt in the minds of those who know.

In the face of seemingly insurmountable odd, we struggle constantly battling for breakthroughs and now, all of a sudden, we find ourselves groping in the dark looking for handouts.

A once proud race of Kings and Queens with productive willing citizens, are we now reduced to shivering whimpering rascals with a wanton spirit for life?

The last time we received a handout it was in the form of welfare. We all are familiar with the repercussion of a welfare system gone amuck. As the system was not set up to be unsuccessful however, Black families were positioned on a course of failure.

Be wary of the giver, for misfortune may be in their hands clothed as gifts of prosperity.

As we try to ascend to the apex of life, we endeavor this climb clothed with loose fitting garments woven with the threads of greed, envy, lust and deceit. And while some of us may slip from fatigue while attempting to conquer this “mountain of despair,” we reach to grab a hold of a lifeline only to feel the cloth melt in our hands like butter on hot grits.

Because life was given to us, shouldn’t we give our lives for others?

I pray that I live life to the fullest, not merely just to exist even if this means that I have to lose my  mine to help others in order that I may be helped.

I am beginning to understand that my talents are a gift to me from God so I don’t have to worry about any hidden motive or agenda. What I do have to be concerned with is believing that my talent is bigger than me. We are bigger than our talents. Our talents will fade and leave us, but our true gifts will last forever when used for its proper purpose.

What are your talents or more importantly, how are you using them? Whatever your talent is, it is not for you alone to keep. It is expected that it be used in order that you and those that you come into contact with can experience life in its fullness- not by the principles of a disintegrating world.

We do damage to others and ourselves when we allow our talents to be the focal point of who we are.

What causes this to manifest?

This happens when we begin to become dependent on our talents and get “stuck on stupid” believing that they are who we are. When we don’t grow up spiritually or emotionally, we destroy our likelihood of using our talents for what God meant them for.

When our moral fiber is not in sync with our talent, “we fake it til we make it” through life. Our life is shallow and without roots. As soon as calamity hits, or we are tested, we break like “Humpty-Dumpty when he had a great fall.” You can’t “fake it” when it comes to character structure.

The more talent you are given the more developed your character must be and this requires time spent with God.

The rewards for your instructed use of your talents are:

“Who may stay in God’s temple or live on the holy mountain of the Lord? Only those who obey God and do as they should. They speak the truth and don’t spread gossip; they treat others fairly and don’t say cruel things. They hate worthless people, but show respect for all who worship the Lord. And they keep their promises, no matter the cost. They lend their money without charging interest, and they don’t take bribes to hurt the innocent. Those who do these things will always stand firm.” Psalm 15 1:5 CKV

As we go through the sharing of our history not only in this month, but throughout the year, let’s ask these questions in reference to our history: how much are you giving and is it enough for the quality of our being?

Dear God, in the name of Jesus. I pray that You give my hands work to do in telling and teaching others about our great History. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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