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A President remembers the past to better the present in new novel

A-President-RememberA President remembers the past to better the present in new novel

Author shares a story of how a President goes back to history to rightfully serve his people today

    PLANTATION, FL  — Being elected President of a country is not easy – especially if both supporters and opponents are watching and criticizing his every move. How would a President resolve to become the President everyone expects him to be? Find out as author Lena Hall writes an insightful, thought-provoking, and historical read in A President’s Notes of a Metaphorical Journey. In order to make sense of his present, President Kwame must look at the past and learn from those who came before. To serve his people, he must transcend time.

Following a rather brutal press conference, African-American President of the United States Kwame wonders if he did the right thing in running for office. His opponents had an easy time picking him apart, even though he was new to Washington. They said he spent the taxpayers’ money in frivolous ways; they said he was overexposed. But he was simply sticking to his election platform. His opponents—and supporters—knew who he was when he was elected. Why were they surprised by his actions now that he lived in the White House?

He then remembers something his mother used to say to him, “When you have questions, you must go back to the beginning.” So begins Kwame’s metaphorical journey into the history of his people. Readers get to join him as he goes back to Africa, where he was sold into slavery and then sent to the Americas.  He watched the emancipation of the slaves and lived through the Civil Rights movement.

Filled with friendships, loyalties, and infidelities, this follows Kwame and his friends as they live through their collective history and discover that within this journey lives the history of an entire nation.

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