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‘A young candidate that’s ready to rock the courthouse through change’

A-YOUNG-CANDIDATE‘A young candidate that’s ready to rock the courthouse through change’

Roscoe take no prisoners.

By K.L. Brown

Who would debate that she is a vibrant and energetic candidate that is seeking to change the way we see the office of the Broward County Clerk of Courts in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court here in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.?

Shandrell Roscoe takes no prisoners in her quest to trade in her uniform as a Broward Sherriff’s Office Court Bailiff to win the seat being vacated by Howard C. Forman.

There are five candidates vying for the vacancy, who all have diverse backgrounds. The qualifications for this position have minimal requirements of being a Broward County resident and U.S. citizen.

There are no term limits and a financial obligation in payment of the qualifying fees to have your name put on the ballot is also required. Howard C. Forman held that position for 16 years!

What does Candidate Roscoe see as the changes needed to put the Broward County Clerk’s Office into the 21st century? “I want to bring awareness to the local community of all the services provided through the Clerks’ office and build a partnership that will develop a rap-port that doesn’t presently exist.”

She went on to say that “their technology needs to be updated, along with implementing social media interaction with the public to help in their discovery of how the office can be seen as an asset in giving back to the community.”

Most people’s interaction with the Clerk’s office is to take care of something that went wrong! In establishing community programs that can help educate the public in how to maneuver their way better through the ‘system,’  it can shape and develop a more positive image of the office with the citizens it serves in Broward County.

An educational component for a work study type program is also contemplated by Roscoe to help gain service hours for high school youth which can help formulate a career path into law enforcement that gravitates youth to the profession instead of scaring them a-way from any contact with it. Those are just a few of the initiatives Candidate Roscoe wants to promote in winning the Clerk’s seat.

Roscoe grew up in the local community and has served her community in the law enforcement field which has given her experience in working directly within the Clerk’s office. She also explained that the winning candidate will get the necessary training through the State of Florida through a six week program to familiarize them with their duties as County Clerk.

Her foundation comes from a strong mother that taught school in Broward County Public Schools and instilled in her six children to “do better than she did.”

This is the incentive that Candidate Roscoe takes in stride as she says, “I go hard in accomplishing my goals, and when I leave this earth I want to have done something great!”

This candidacy will be the beginning of getting started on that road of doing and being a better advocate for her community in providing great service as your next Broward County Clerk of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court, and she says she “wants your vote to make it happen!”

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