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Above Influence March a success

The rally estimated about 50 schools and 2,500 Broward County students.

The rally estimated about 50 schools and 2,500 Broward County students.

Above Influence March a success

By Ciera Campbell

When it rains, it pours and this time it was not only showering water, but students, parents and Broward County School employees who all drenched in a message of “Above the Influence.” The Above Influence March began at Kathleen C. Wright Administration Building and ended at the Huizenga Plaza.

This influential march was developed by United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse and the Broward County Public Schools.

Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie wanted to provide a message to the students to stay above drugs, alcohol, bullying and other negative effects that can harm the student.

The Public Information Officer, Tracey Clark was extremely excited about the amount of students and parents that participated in the march. The program was very organized and took about two to three months of planning.

The rally estimated about 50 schools and 2,500 Broward County students.

After Broward County employers, students and parents arrived at the Huizenga Park the audience was entertained with the use of spoken word, speeches, cheerleading and stepping.

The afternoon continued with a display of talent from all over Broward County schools including Hallandale Middle School to Stranahan High School.

For the lucky students that attend Above the Influence program from Castle Hill Elementary, Frances Ollivierre the principal will have the students “go back and share their experience with their fellow class-mates”.

Ollivierre stated, “She enjoyed the parade and the fact that the march dealt with the different aspects of positive influence which includes developing strong leaders, anti-bullying and peer pressure.”

Sandpiper Elementary created a theatrical dance and cheer routine coached by Mary Jackson accompanied by recorded band music from South Florida’s very own Dillard High School.

Along with Sandpiper Elementary performers, West Broward Senior Annabelle Juin presented a motivational speech to the audience “Only You Have The Power To Be Great.”

Juin states that the people in your daily life should be placed into two categories “Construction workers and Candy shop owners.” Construction workers will support and motivate you while Candy shop owners lead you in the wrong direction. Although they may appear sweet and tantalizing, the people really just get cavities.

The Above the Influence message was additionally delivered with the use of music which led the audience to be informed about different types of cultures.

The program had plenty of diversity especially through the use of music. There was an array of musical selections such as Blue Grass and salsa.

The audience participates with ease and Runcie glided across the floor to beat of salsa.

The opportunity to participate in activities such as these gives the Broward School students first-hand experience and empowers them to be self-determine to improve their lives.

Throughout the afternoon and his team from the Office of Diversity adorned in their black and blue moved feverishly to ensure that the message of Above the Influence was well received by all participants.

The program hopes to steer children away from negative choices and make the right decisions.

     Summer interim Ciera Campbell, is a sophomore at Florida A&M University seeking a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.


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