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African American community fight for education Rights

African American community fight for  education Rights

The African American community needs to understand that you have to fight for your educational rights to have a respectable position in United States or get buried under White Supremacy.

The Unites States spends annually 750 billion dollars on defense Budget. But investing in manpower is also important.

US Students and their unions should force President Donald Trump to invest annually50 billion dollars on Scholarships to Students to go through College Education and Job Skill Development Programs.

One million students would get 50,000 dollars in scholarships per year. Or 2 million US undergraduates undergoing educations in various colleges and Universities can get 25,000 dollars scholarship amount per year.

In India education in colleges is free and highly subsidized. Trump says he loves India; in that case he should follow subsidized Education policy of India.  India is progressing because it spends heavily on School and College Education.

It is Time for US undergraduates to stand up for themselves, do massive protests in all cities of USA and force Donald Trump to give minimum 50 Billion Dollars of Scholarships to US Students to pursue Education, so that they can get good Salary paying Jobs.

Out of 50 billion dollars, 20 billion dollars should be reserved for the African American Community as they are lagging behind in the economy.

What are you waiting for?   Do protest rallies and get your Educational & Jobs aims fulfilled in a peaceful manner.



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