Dear Westside Gazette:

Dear Westside Gazette:

We have Donald Trump, the in-experienced real estate mogul who somehow got into office even though he lost the popular vote in the election by three million votes.

As you have seen for the beginning of his term, our fragile government is in total chaos.  My own message to the public a couple years back was to caution American voters to stop handing over governance to business people. They don’t think at all like working people. The very first thing they want to do is to hand out corporate welfare to the corporations and billionaire classes and to make government weak when it comes to consumerism for the people.

The last thing we needed was a businessman in office and I think people are only now beginning to see why. There will be mid-term elections coming up, and working men and women must learn who their true friends are in government. Look no farther that the Democratice party who traditionally votes on matters of import to the working class people, 50-100 percent of the time. Not so with the Republicans. Wake up America. Give me Trumpka over Trump any-day.


Sincerely, Lawrence Hill


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