Al-Qaida is everywhere

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

Al-Qaida is everywhere

By Lucius Gantt


     Do you remember when a group of people that hated The United States flew two airplanes directly into New York’s World Trade Center?

     Shortly afterward, citizens, politicians and almost everyone else denounced the attacks and called for the arrest, conviction or execution of the people responsible for the deadly acts of terror.

     But oh, what a difference a few days makes!

     Back then, an Islamic militant group called Al-Qaida was said to be the “terrorists” that were responsible for killing thousands of Americans in the World Trade Center attacks.

      Today, that same militant Islamic group is being described as “rebels” that are trying to oust the legitimate President of Syria, Bashar Assad.

     Could this change of designation be a case of one lie leads to another?

     All of America’s political leaders have denounced Assad saying that the Syrian President was a ruthless murderer of his own people, the God fearing, freedom fighting “rebels” of Syria.

     However, Syrian President Assad told the world from day one that the Syrian Army was not shooting bullets or firing bombs at innocent citizens, Assad said his army was in a vicious fight with terrorists.

     Well, guess what? Syria bombing “rebels” continues to be front page and lead story news but if you turn to the back pages of majority media outlets you will see that the same terrorists that perpetrated the World Trade Center attacks are the terrorists in “rebel” clothing that are causing so much strife and bloodshed in Syria.

    You tell me, how in the hell can the United States support, fund and arm the terrorist group that orchestrated the murders of so many Americans on 911?

    If your broadcast anchors and news-paper reporters won’t tell you The Gantt Report will. Al-Qaida terrorists are very active in Syria and the group that is intent on killing even more Americans is building a network of well-organized cells with the idea of establishing a terrorist foothold in Syria if President Bashar Assad is removed from power.

     Hundreds, maybe thousands, of Al Qaida terrorists and Al Qaida-linked militants are operating right now in Syria. They are going from city to city teaching upset Syrians how to build “suicide bombs” and other weapons of mass destruction!

     Did I say “weapons of mass destruction”? How can we forget how United States citizens were told lie after lie about how Iraq had biological, chemical and possibly nuclear weapons of mass destruction when in fact no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq? Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives because of the WMD lies.

     Hmmm? In order to spend billions of dollars in tax payer dollars to launch a war against Saddam Hussein lies were told about WMDs. Could the same type lies describe what people are saying about so called Syrian “rebels” that, in some cases, really are members of the militant Islamic terrorist group called Al Qaida that most American citizens hate so much?

     Let me asked you a question. If the United States helps to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad from office, will the United States essentially be putting Al Qaida terrorists in a position to take over the country of Syria that has a powerful army that is so strategically close to Israel, Iran and other countries in the area?

     Certain enemies should never be your friend and ally. The United States should not even consider sending missiles, predator drones and other weapons to fake Syrian rebels that are really terrorist members of Al Qaida.

     Let’s see, Saddam Hussein hated Al Qaida and he was killed. Muammar Gaddafi didn’t like Al Qaida and he was killed. Now Bashar Assad is in a war with Al Qaida terrorists. Will he be killed too?. 

    I always told you Satan was tricky! (Buy Gantt’s book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book store. Like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at


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