America’s Democracy Literally Raped

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      After continuously reviewing the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Capitol Building, I concluded that this crime was unconscionable. By far it was more heinous and vicious than humankind’s most perverted acts. I literally found myself imagining how the hundreds of little girls felt, screaming for their parents, as Jeffrey Epstein raped them repeatedly. His gallery of enablers and viewers did nothing to protect these young and innocent girls. They merely observed from afar or behind see through mirrors, as Epstein performed his insatiable pedophiliac acts against defenseless young girls.

Unfortunately, America has been forced to watch a crime that just might be worse than those committed by Jeffrey Epstein. Representative Adam Schiff even warned Republicans that if they failed to convict President Trump during his first Senate trial, he would certainly commit crimes in the future which could be even more repugnant as well as pose deadly consequences for our democracy.

Sadly, Trump on January 6, 2021, to America’s dismay,  didn’t disappoint his followers. For approximately 77 days prior to his speech on the eclipse, he filled his followers with countless lies about voter fraud and how his election had been stolen from them. He injected his venomous hatred, bigotry, and lawlessness into the minds and hearts of his followers.

Thus, doesn’t this make him as guilty as drug dealers who peddle drugs to vulnerable users? Also, is he not as guilty as his lawyer whom he paid to cover up a crime he was instrumental in orchestrating? Please, don’t forget how he bragged about having the power to grab women by their genitalia and the right to shoot someone without losing a single vote. Thus, Republicans can no longer shield Trump from justice.

Now that I’ve attempted to enlighten you to the narcissistic and demonic behavior of the former president, let’s examine the corollary between Jeffrey Epstein crimes of rape and Trump’s crimes of sedition, which figuratively led to a rape of democracy on the cold marble floors of the Capitol Building.

Our democracy literally bled and gasped for breaths of liberty while wondering if the Commander-In-Chief would come to its aid. However, it was reported that Trump watched with amusement the rape of our democracy. He did absolutely nothing.

During the rape of our democracy, some of the insurrectionists stole and destroyed items within as well as on the grounds of the Capitol Building. When the rage of the rape no longer satisfied their anger and they were unable to find Officials to lynch, bind with ties, and possibly mutilate, they resorted to even more savagery animalistic behavior. They commenced to defecating on the bathroom floors, and then walking in their feces. This allowed them to smear feces on the floors and walls throughout the Building.

Once this nightmarish onslaught ended, the mob carrying confederate flags, swastika symbols and white supremacy emblems paraded throughout the building smiling and taking selfies. It appears they were incredibly pleased with having carried out the perverse desires of Trump.

The House of Representatives, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi also agreed that this awful day shouldn’t be forgotten. Thus, they mobilized and filed Articles of Impeachment against Trump despite a Senate that has shielded the president from accountability for four years.

Let’s skip through the trial, which resemble a kangaroo court, and focus on the despicable outcome and McConnell’s explanation for his vote of acquittal. Trump was for the second time acquitted.

Remember, inciting an insurrection against the U.S. Government shouldn’t be considered any less serious than a crime of rape against children or any human. Yet, McConnell and 43, Republican Senators voted not to convict former president Trump.

McConnell delivered a passionate, but deceptive speech in the sacred wells of the Senate. He even reaped praise on the House’s prosecutorial team for their stellar presentation of facts. Then suddenly, he began to use language to depict Trump as the main instigator of the insurrection. It was as though his words used to excoriate Trump, would relieve him and fellow Republicans’ of their failure to honor their Oaths to the Constitution.

Consequently, former president Trump goes unpunished for having orchestrated an insurrection against our government, which is literally tantamount to a rape of our democracy. In other words, the Senate acquitted Trump because they couldn’t both Convict and remove him from Office. These two actions are not mutually exclusive; therefore, Trump should have been convicted even though the latter required action had already occurred. To convict is a formal adjudication of guilt, while a removal from office is a consequential action.


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