An Open Letter to millennials, African American, women minorities, evangelicals and pastor

An Open Letter to millennials,  African American, women minorities, evangelicals and pastor

By Reverend Dr. RB Holmes     

      After listening attentively, prayer-fully and objectively to the presidential debate on last Wednesday evening, it is crystal clear to me that Secretary Hillary Clinton is the most qualified to be the 45th President of these United States of America.  She really has a comprehensive vision and plan to make this country stronger militarily, economically, educationally, racially and globally.  She is prepared; she is competent; she is thoughtful; and she has the temperament and judgment to be our next president.

Donald Trump’s comments, values, and negative campaigning over the last several months, especially in the Republican Primary, have proven to many that he is not ready to be president of the most powerful country in this world. We will do our children and grandchildren great harm if we elect this man as president.  I don’t need to articulate the vile, atrocious, bigoted, sexist, ugly and racist things  he has consistently said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, gays, and his opponents in the Republican Primary; and most disrespectfully,  about President Obama.

Listen – as a Black man, a Black pastor, a Black father, Black grand-father, Black brother, Black uncle and a Black husband – Donald Trump’s efforts for over five years to delegitimize the first Black president – is blasphemous.  Yes, he is the founder of the “birther” movement. He led this racist movement where millions of his sup-porters questioned and believed that President Obama was not a citizen of this country. He knew what he was doing.  He appealed to the darkest and most prejudicial side of his supporters.  He used the color of the president‘s skin and this “birther” issue to become who he is now – the Republican nominee for the president.  As for me and my household, this is one of the primary reasons that I cannot support Donald Trump.  The man is not right and has hurt too many people. This man is not fit to be our Commander-in-Chief – period!

This country is in a bad place right now.  We need a leader who can bring us together; not divide us. We have growing racial tension and unrest.  We need a president who has experience working with diverse communities. Mrs. Clinton has always been an advocate for social justice.  We are far too often under terror attacks in this country and abroad. Secretary Clinton will be a strong and steady hand in fighting Isis and keeping this country safe. Mr. Trump can very easily, with his instability and temperament, lead us into World War III.  The stakes are too high to sit this election out or to support someone who truly does not have the expertise, experience, and moral excellence to succeed President Obama as the next president.

Therefore, I have prophetically and prayerfully come up with 15 reasons why millennials, Blacks, minorities, women and others ought to consider voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton.  Let us count the reasons:

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