Because ignorance is chosen

Sensible Sues Rhetoric

Because ignorance is chosen

By Sensible Sue


    The older I get the less tolerance I seem to have for BLACK folks who seem to have the I’ve got mine, and I am comfortable, and I really don’t give a care if you get yours or not attitudes. Now members of the Republican Party have been wearing President Obama out for the better part of the last three weeks now because he made the comment that if you are a successful business owner in this country, you did not build your business solely on your own. Jokes that have been made about a statement that is totally the truth have been completely beyond the pale.   

    First of all if the very people who have been so hypercritical of the president’s comments had even one eighth the brain that they think that they have, they would realize that President Obama is actually correct in what he stated. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times, chosen ignorance is the source of all of the social ills in the United States of America, and it is totally avoidable. Americans do not have to be the mundane, hateful, and unenlightened ignoramuses that some have actually chosen to be.

    Listen, if you own a manufacturing company, you have to move your pro-duct from your plant to the public so that it can be sold, if you choose to use trucks to transfer your product then you use public highways, thus you have to rely on the government to ensure that you can move from place to place, and you have to rely on the government to ensure that the roads are safe for travel.

    Now let’s say for instance that you decide that you would rather transport your product by plane. Well the air space belongs to the government. You would have to rely on air traffic control to ensure that the plane carrying your product does not crash into another plane. And if you are flying from one city to another, you certainly have to rely on the government to keep you safe from terrorists, so folks really need to stop roaming the earth acting like they are the end all be all.

    And to all of you people, and by the way I find myself stretching it somewhat to refer to some of you as people, but anyway, for those of you who live in the same brown skin that I do that seem to think that just because you managed to graduate from somebody’s college, and secure a decent job, that somehow that makes you better than those brown folks who were not fortunate enough to attend college, I am here to tell you that you really need to get over your old, tired, arrogant selves.

    You folks are in the same boat as the bum on the street. Believe me when I tell you, when Mittens Romney, and his kind look at you coming in or out of a door in your expensive clothes, and your highly polished shoes, they just look at you and say, “Well look at that, yet another well-dressed nigger, who has spent half of his mortgage buying clothes so that he can look like us.” I swear I just don’t understand why it is that so many of us seem to believe that just because we have a certain type of job, or because they have allowed us to sit at a table in the conference room, that somehow we are equal to our white counterparts.

    Any BLACK in corporate America who believes that they are equal to their white counterparts is a fool, and you are an even bigger fool if you believe that the BLACK folks who work hard in factories, plants, hospitals, or building our nation’s highways need to pay some type of homage to you and your sorry pompous behinds.

    It is so sad that so many of us have gotten to the place that we have forgotten who we are as a people and where we came from. To all of those who are running all over the place, and trolling Facebook and Twitter slamming President Obama every chance that you get, you had better remember this, if you can’t find the space in those tiny little minds that you all have to remember anything else, what you have, all that you are, and everything that you will ever hope to be in the future is because of that fact that those darkies who picked cotton and indigo on the slave master’s plantation, and those niggers who suffered the indignity of being urinated on while walking to school in the cold, and those coloreds who marched in the streets, and sat at lunch counters all over the United States chose to suffer, and dared to survive, so that you could just be.

    Learn your history, so that you can better understand who you are, and why you will never be able to claim that you are who you are because you got to where you are on your own. You are where you are because you have stood and still continue on the backs of thousands of unknown BLACK warriors. Educate yourself, because ignorance is a chosen disease, cure yourself today.

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