Broward bans misleading posted prices at Gasoline Stations

Gasoline Stations
Gasoline Stations

Broward bans misleading posted prices at Gasoline Stations

Submitted by Kimberly Maroe

     The next time you pass a gas station and notice the price, you can rest assured that it’s the highest possible price you’ll be charged, no matter what method of payment you’re using.

    Gas prices posted on signs at gasoline stations in Broward County must now reveal the highest price for any grade of gasoline that you’ll pay for at the pump, whether you’re paying with cash, a credit card or a debit card.

    Also, gasoline stations offering full and self-service must clearly state the words “Self-Service” on the sign if the price refers to self-service pumps only.

    Broward County Commissioners approved an amended ordinance that will put an end to the practice of gasoline stations advertising the lower price charged when customers are paying cash as opposed to a credit or debit card.

    The amended ordinance brought forth by Commissioner Lois Wexler and co-sponsored by Commissioner Chip LaMarca, is designed to protect the consumer from misleading advertising.

    “Paying for gas should not be guess work. Now when you see a posted price at the gas station, you’ll know that’s the most you’ll be charged. It should do away with the bait and switch practice of advertising one price if you pay with cash and a higher non-advertised price if you plan to use a credit or cash card,” said Commissioner Wexler.

    Failure to comply with the county ordinance will result in a fine of $250 for the first violation and $500 for repeat violations.

    The ordinance is applicable countywide, except in cities that have already enacted rules and regulations governing signs indicating the price of gasoline.


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