Broward County School Board District 1 Candidate Paul R. Wiggins is Working Diligently to Make Education a Community Affair

By Frankie Rosso, The Leadology Group

When considering some of our community’s most important compositional elements, we most commonly consider three key factors: housing, our neighborhoods, and schools. But why are these the elements we most commonly consider? The answer is simple: because we want what is best for our families.  Well, that is exactly why Revered Paul R. Wiggins has decided to run for the Broward County School Board District 1 Seat– he wants what is best for our families.

He is committed to our educational system, the development of our youth, and setting the foundation for generations to come. If you’re looking for a servant leader who is not only committed, dedicated, and passionate, then you need not look any further than Candidate Paul R. Wiggins.

The difference between a top-rated school and a school that lags behind its peers could be as simple as living on one side of the school boundary, which is why being actively involved, cognizant and aware of the School Board Members who represent our children’s public schools, is a pivotal step in ensuring our schools continue to grow and thrive in our communities.

It is imperative that we look to candidates who not only have overall development and growth as childhood and adolescence at the core of their values and mission as leaders in the community.

Mr. Wiggins has served as a Pastor, a community advocate, and even a former banker, giving him the necessary tools, skill set, and commitment needed to serve his community in this capacity.

“I care for the welfare of my community. I care for equal opportunity for all people, particularly for our children. As a young student/athlete at Florida Memorial University, I got involved in community service initiatives. And that passion for serving the needs of others continued during my 23-year banking career and now into my life of ministry”, affirmed Candidate Wiggins.

After careful consideration and discussion with family and friends, Candidate Wiggins sought election for the Broward County School Board- District 1 Seat in 2022. Having been a parent to two daughters who are products of the public school system, and being actively involved in education, business, civic and political activities as a Broward County resident for many years, he has developed a keen passion for creating positive change in our community through education. Mr. Wiggins has served on many boards and committees throughout Broward County as well as our neighboring Miami-Dade County. Currently, he sits on the Education Committee for City of Dania Beach, Student Advisory Council (SAC) at Collins Elementary, and serves as President of the Dania Beach Clergy Alliance.

He is convinced that we can make a difference by enriching our schools, collectively as a community, stating “I believe that with the dedication and commitment that I have exhibited in Broward County and surrounding communities, we can make District 1 a model district.”

Paul R. Wiggins has been a strong advocate for education, economic development, and families for years and has no intentions on slowing down. He remains committed to being actively involved in creating change in the communities in which we reside. “I will be an advocate for all children because I believe every child can learn with the right support and encouragement from their teachers, families, and surrounding communities,” said Wiggins.

Raised by a family who truly understood the value of a solid education, it is no surprise that Mr. Wiggins has decided to run for a Broward County School Board seat.  Wiggins’ father, lovingly referred to as “The Greater” Paul Wiggins, was an educator. His eldest sister Paulette was also an educator – her last assignment was as a 2nd grade teacher at Hollywood Hills Elementary. His other sister Robin retired as a Speech Pathologist from the Dade County School System. Another sister, Cathy, retired as an administrator from the Hillsborough County School System. Influenced and motivated to follow in his father and siblings’ footsteps, Candidate Wiggins subsequently had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director of the Richard Allen Leadership Academy; an “All Boys” public elementary charter school in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Dania Beach Mayor Tamara James has already given her show of support by officially becoming one of the earliest endorsers of the Paul R. Wiggins Campaign, stating “District 1 deserves great leadership you can see– leadership that is bold, unafraid, to advocate for our students, teachers, and communities outside of elections.  I support Paul. R. Wiggins for School Board District 1, as I know he will be a tremendous asset to our community and will serve this district the best.”

With continued support from community leaders and local residents, Paul R. Wiggins is optimistic that others will be inspired to support his efforts as he advocates for unbiased educational opportunities and resources for all students.  Any and all support is encouraged and welcome, whether it be in the form of volunteering, donations, or simply sharing some of the great work Paul Wiggins is doing out in the community!

“I am dedicated to being a passionate advocate for District 1 to receive an equitable distribution of resources. Which includes quality educational facilities, modern technology, community service initiatives, and more— needed to fulfill its mission of educating our children”, said Candidate Wiggins.

The Paul R. Wiggins Campaign believes that with your support, collaboration, and communal effort we can take action and make positive strides toward a better education for the students of District 1 by focusing on three core goals — educate, graduate, matriculate.  If you believe in facilitating quality learning for all youth in Broward County, regardless of their learning disabilities, capabilities, group, cast, creed, religion or region, then you are invited to join the Paul R. Wiggins Campaign for their Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser event on Thursday, October 21, at 6 p.m.  The event will be held at Pita Xpress Mediterranean Grill, located at 2445 Sterling Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312If you are unable to attend, you can still show support by visiting, where you can make donations, sign up to volunteer, and find links to the Paul R. Wiggins social media accounts so you can follow and stay up to date on campaign initiatives and upcoming events.

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