Marian Wright Edelman

Tolerance of poverty

June 20, 2012 keesto 0

The latest edition of UNICEF’s report on child poverty showed the United States ranks second out of 35 developed countries on the scale of what economists call “relative child poverty” with 23.1 percent of its children living in poverty. Only Romania ranked higher. […]

Florida's Governor Rick Scott

Rick Scott is all about purging FAMU too

June 14, 2012 keesto 0

Dean Colson, the Chairman of Florida’s state university system Board of Governors congratulated 8 Florida A& M University Board of Trustees for following his directive. Last week, Colson wrote a terse letter to the BOT demanding that FAMU President Dr. James Ammons be held “accountable.” […]

Lucius Gantt

The devil is a lair

June 14, 2012 keesto 0

An excerpt from a Gantt Report was selected a few years ago to be displayed at the United States National Freedom Museum in the “Freedom of Speech” section. […]

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is like the joke that never ends

June 14, 2012 keesto 0

Mitt Romney has got to be the absolute worse excuse for a politician ever. His endless gaffes, his mechanical personality, his lack of knowledge about what is really going on in the world of politics, and his inability to connect with ordinary people have all been the things, and will continue to be the things that political junkies […]

Commerce Secretary John Bryson

Pressing President Obama

June 14, 2012 keesto 0

Members of the Republican Party have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will go to any lengths to make sure that they win the 2012 presidential election. These folks have gone over and beyond in their efforts to be cunning, conniving, and just down right sneaky. […]

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