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Statisticians Baffled: 91-Yr Old Granny Wins Lottery Twice in Two Months

If you live long enough, maybe you can eventually have luck like this woman.  A 91-year old grandmother in Indianapolis has shocked the world by winning the lottery twice in just two months.  This is a near statistical impossibility, with the odds being over 5.7 trillion to one.  This leads many statisticians confused about how this outcome could occur without some “outside intervention.”  But then again, some might say that it’s just divine intervention that created this woman’s unbelievable luck.

Lena Eaton won $300,000 in one of the lotteries, and then won another one last week for $99,999.  The odds of her winning the first time were 8.9 million to one.  The second was a $5 scratch-off ticket that had the “easier” odds of just 646,000 to one.  Statistical theory says that the odds of both of these events occurring at the same time are like the chance of finding a blade of grass in a country as big as the entire United States.

The grandmother says that she plans to use the money to add windows to her home and a new bathroom.  She also wants to travel and help her family.  She has a lot of family to help, with 20 great-grandchildren.  We’re sure they’ll be making visits to grandma soon.

“I’ve got good kids. It’s been a pleasure being able to help them,” she said..

Good for you Ms. Eaton.  Now, make sure you enjoy the money and don’t give it all to your grand kids

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