(CDC) Center for Disease Control Being Forced to Lie About Numbers

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

      There is something wrong in President Trump’s Administration, when the Center for Disease Control is being muzzled and giving very little information about the coronavirus and covid-19. With some of the smartest scientist and the most knowledgeable people in America about pandemics, they are silent and not holding daily and weekly discussions with the media and television news.

Many experts think this lack of information from the CDC is by design, and the president and his administration want to keep the numbers about covid-19 low. By keeping the numbers low, the federal government can justify opening up the country. Where is the CDC and why are they not being used to develop an organized and coordinated plan across the country?

As more Americans die each week, the president lies and tells the country that things are getting better. There is no coordinated national strategy for the country, and every state has an individual plan, and nothing is organized and united.

“Experts are urging leaders to take measures right now to preserve data and medical specimens so that science has the chance to determine the precise number of people who succumbed during one of the most severe global pandemics in memory. ‘Undercounting deaths in this particular epidemic is happening all over,’ said Dr. Daniel Lopez-Acuna, an epidemiologists, and former top World Health Organization official, who spent 30 years at the organization.’ It almost inevitable,” writes Dr. Mark Abdel-Malik of Good Morning America.

To get an accurate count of infections and deaths in America is an extraordinary challenge, and the healthcare system is broken, and our president does not want to know the truth. President Trump is comfortable lying every time he gets in front of a microphone, and this process will not stop. As a result, Americans know they will never be told the truth from our president, so things will get worst instead of better.

As clusters of infections continue to grow, Trump’s goal is to hide the truth. “Happy Talk” is the plan, and when someone from the administration is speaking things is always getting better. It does not matter if more people die and are infected with the virus, the president does not care. It is all about the spin, and the spin is always a lie.

“There is no uniform national system in US for investigating death, only counting Americans who lab-tested positive before or after death for covid-19. Left out of the tally is people who died without being tested and those who died at home, or some other non-healthcare facilities before they could seek medical care,” says Dr. Abdel-Malik.

Everyone in the medical industry knows that the numbers are not accurate, but everyone is over worked, and many cannot go home every night. Where is the CDC for guidance, direction, and policy plans?

Trump’s only concern is winning the next election and nothing else matters. He and his administration are incompetent, and they have no idea what they are doing. With no plan in sight, and incompetent people (starting with his son-in-law) running federal departments, and coronavirus task forces (starting with our Vice President), our president thinks he has everything in control.

When you build a building with no strong foundation, eventually it will blow up and crumble, and you have to start again. By opening up the country with very limited testing, and no help from the CDC, there will be new outbreaks and major clusters of infection that will force the country to shutdown again.






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