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Changing times reflect the politics of political values

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Changing times reflect the politics of political values

By Derek Joy

The year 2015 is one week old and moving fast forward. Jet on. . .

And, like Archie Bell and Drells, the group from Houston, Tex., once sang: “ighten up.”

Precisely what all of America has to do now that U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hingle ruled Florida’s gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. The Honorable Hinkle, stayed his Aug. 21 ruling until Jan 5.

Yep. Threw a wrench in the works of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and many others. Funny thing is, nothing of the sort was said when the amendment was put to a vote and approved by Florida’s voters.

Meanwhile, the euphoria will permeate America’s social circles, from church to work to all arenas of life of this democratic society. For sure, a look at a few facts of life give rise to wonder why there are no challenges to the constitutionality of some political maneuvers.

For a moment, consider how Congress stalled the drive mounted by the Society of Professional Journalists to pass a Freedom of Information Act amendment. Such Congressional failure keeps intact the practice of restricting access to public information.

Now, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has shown his second term in office will see the same secrecy as before.  That’s right.  Scott spent over $100,000 in public funds to legally keep public records under wraps.

Government in the Sunshine. Transparency. The public’s right to know. All up in smoke. Why?

One could only imagine, relate to their childhoods when kids shared secrets only with siblings and close friends.

Those secrets usually something, if known, would be damaging in one way or another.  Elected officials, like criminals, keep secrets of damaging information that speaks to tortuous acts and criminal conduct.

Don’t see any other reason for denying the public’s right to know based on the protections o9f the First Amendment. What’s worse is that denial is a slap in the face of voters.

Consequently, here is a challenge for the voting citizenry. Why should any elected official warrant your vote when their skullduggery is not subject to public approval?

The constitutionality of these brazen escapades by elected officials simply leaves open to question just how much wrongdoing is being perpetrated in our halls of government.

Imagine the chicanery that went into the legislative actions of the Florida State Legislature when they ramrodded legislation into law that allows public money to private k-12 schools.

Florida’s Constitution expressly prohibits the use of public monies for such purposes.  Yet there is no such constitutional challenges or rulings to put a stop to the legal violations.

Many more obnoxious practices remain intact for the scoundrels masquerading as honorable elected officials. Without a doubt, the rascals who persist at denying public access to the work voters elected them to do should be summarily kicked out of office.



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