Dead in the political waters

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

Dead in the political waters

By Lucius Gantt

      As my good friend Matt Carter used to say, “Who can deliver? That is the question!”

     Will President Barack Obama spend his campaign war chest on more television ads or will he spend some of his billions of campaign dollars on getting Black voters to the polls?

     It is no secret that Black voters in the United States will determine who will be in the White House and who will be in the political dog house!

     White voters are divided. Half will vote Democratic and the other half will vote Republican. Some white voters have no problem casting a vote for a Black man and some white voters wouldn’t vote for a Black President if their lives depended on it!

     Black voters will decide if Democrats can regain control of Congress and Black voters will decide if Democrats or Republicans will win state gubernatorial and legislative contests.

     Since the Black vote is so important, why is it that only one political party is trying to address that election matter?

     The Republicans are doing everything they can to suppress Black votes by changing voting requirements and identification requirements and by limiting early and Sunday voting practices.

     Republicans are spending millions of dollars to fire up and motivate their Tea Party voters and other conservatives.

     While the Democrats seem to be telling their most loyal block of voters don’t worry about getting any campaign money, just vote for the Black guy.

     I’m concerned.

     Historically, the Democratic Party has insisted on spending campaign contributions collected from Blacks and Hispanics on efforts to generate white votes.

     Well, the frequent voting Blacks that vote in every election will vote in November but will 20 or 30 percent of the Blacks registered to vote in the United States be enough to insure the reelection of the President?

     I think not!

     Obama and other Democratic candidates must have an extraordinary turnout that equals or betters the turnout in 2008.

     Why? Because of Super PACs!

      Don’t worry about how much money the Republican has compared to Obama’s campaign funding. Worry about the super rich conservatives that will spend tens of millions of their own money to pay for negative, false and misleading advertising!

     The Democratic tactic of using 1960 campaign strategies like putting flyers on cars in the church parking lot will not encourage or inspire unemployed, underserved, exploited and disenfranchised African Americans to vote.

     The Democratic thought that all Negroes are alike and every Negro is a political Pied Piper that can lead all other African Americans to the voting booths borders on political insanity!

    The last minute of the last weekend ads placed in Black newspapers and on Black radio stations may seem like too little, too late.

    I hope Black people go to the polls and vote for the candidates they desire because the people hired to turn out voters for Democrats nationwide are little more than political jokes that wouldn’t know a campaign plan to get out the vote if they saw one!

     Time will tell but it seems like Obama is running against a political idiot but America’s other Democrats might be like a Red Fish in the Gulf of Mexico after an oil spill, dead in the political waters! (Like The Gantt Report on Facebook and buy Gantt’s book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing and contact Lucius at


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