Dear Mr. Henry,

Dear Mr. Henry,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you and to those who may find it helpful my experience as a growing boy to young adult.  I’ve always liked being helpful to others and as I get older, life lessons and advice from positive people, long talks that my mother (Ms. Vita Littles) has shared with me, grooms me and I’m still learning and have lots to learn, but I understand more of what it is to be a global citizen, sharing personal time for the interest of others in hopes for a greater good for all.

I have an idea of what I want to be which is a Fire Fighter, and 2015 I met Mr. Keith Martin, Fire Rescue, Lieutenant for BSO through a mentor Program Tranqul Manor.  He taught me all about Careers in Fire Services and allowed me to also present with him throughout the community during his Fire Fighter Orientation which he also volunteers through his Organization, Professional Fire Fighter Association of South Florida (PFA). During the holidays I also helped him deliver Holiday Baskets to Families in need.  It felt really good to see smiles on the faces of those helped; I also marched in Parades with him to bring light to the community about the various South Florida opportunities for diversity and inclusion in the fire service.

One day driving home from camp, I heard radio advertisement from Commissioner Dale Holness asking for volunteers during his election in 2016. I called the office the same day and asked to volunteer. The next day the office set me up with various assignments for the campaign, and I learned how to I work the Polls, canvassing in the community and phone banking in the office.  I volunteered because I read about Mr. Holness’ belief in diversity and what he has done in the community and I would like to help him to do more by winning the election.  I was proud when he won the election and my part in it was a good contribution.  This year I’m also helping Mr. Holness with the Andrew Gillum Campaign.


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