Democracy Politically Ganged Raped

John Johnson

By John Johnson Il

As you scan this title, I want you to immediately focus on Sally Hemings a helpless Black stave girl. At the age of just fourteen, she became the property of former president Thomas Jefferson. Sally penned down and repeatedly raped by Jefferson whenever  he wanted survived. Saily impregnated, gave birth to six children. No one came to her aid because she was mere property.

Now, Republicans are metaphorically politically gang raping democracy as it struggles to survive. Their weapons include gerrymandering, voter suppression, disregards for the rule of law, co-opting judicial judges as well as the Supreme Court.

Remember George Floyd! After more than two hundred years, his unanswered calls for help also went ignored. As he lay dying from the police officer’s knee penned on his neck, struggling to breath, he repeatedly called out for his mother’s help.

I presented these gruesome stories to call the Nation’s attention to Republicans politically gang raping of our democracy. Though unbelievable, a former president is again the leader of this infamous Republican gang, which even includes white women. They’re out to destroy democracy because it’s become a greater threat to white supremacy.

Having had a two-term Black President and now a Black female V.P. has caused Republicans to behave as the new Confederate/lnsurrectionists. They started Civil War I in 1861, because they wanted to maintain slavery. The Jan. 6, 2020, Insurrection occurred because they wanted to maintain power and the right to oppress immigrants and Black people.

With the help of Chief Justice Roberts, the Supreme Court callously gutted the Voters Rights Act of 1955, of the vital Section 4. This gave rise to a torrent of Republican voter suppression legislations. Suppressing the rights of voters is as gruesome as rape is immoral and ungodly.

The Supreme Court again joined the savage attack on democracy and women by overturning Roe. Their decision will make it almost impossible for women to secure an abortion even if they’re impregnated while raped.

The same Constitution that failed Sally Hemings in 1787 has once again, in the hands of a Supreme Court dominated by right winged conservative Justices, failed to honor women’s reproductive rights. It’s no coincident that the Constitution still reads, “all men are created equal,”

And it’s certainly no coincident that the 45th former president continuously threatens the existence of our democracy. Also, he has used his voice to debase our democracy as he once bragged about using his hands to demean women by grabbing their genitalia at will.

Unfortunately, there remains a powerful, evil, racists and insidious segment of white people, which includes Congresspersons, corporate leaders, social media giants and the ultra-rich., in America will ling and determined to destroy democracy by any means necessary.

But I’m here to tell these seditionists, insurrectionists, white supremacists that they will not and cannot succeed. Native Americans didn’t give up. Black people survived 246 years of slavery, one hundred years of Jim Crow, segregation, back of the bus, colored water fountains and bathrooms, no accommodations at hotels and restaurants.

Yes, politically raping democracy comes easy to white supremacist backed by the Nation’s highest court, the Supreme “immoral” Court. As the old Negro spiritual said, “the good Lord didn’t bring us this far for us to turn around.” Black people have survived, and democracy will continue to survive by way of our votes.


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