Don’t fall for the okey doke

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      Politicians fall for it, political parties fall for it, businesses fall for it, foreign governments fall for it, state and local governments fall for it and far too many voters fall for it.

They all fall for the political okey doke!

Conservatives, don’t get mad be-cause Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump and liberals in the Senate, don’t get mad because Republican Senators held enough GOP votes together to acquit the 45th Liar in Chief!

If you don’t know, Democrats and Republicans love each other far more than they love you.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel is a master at running the political okey doke on his Congressional colleagues.

McConnel can easily make political criminals look like victims and the victims of political exploitation, electoral suppression and social degradation appear to be Constitutional criminals that tried to convict a former President that told his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol and kill a police officer in the process.

McConnel made a brilliant closing comment at the Trump impeachment trial but don’t fall for the okey doke.

The Senate Minority Leader suggested that Trump should be acquitted because he was no longer President and Presidents that commit crimes in the final days of their Presidency could do what they want because the Senate would never seek to have bad Presidents that do bad things held accountable.

Well, said McConnel, Donald Trump’s actions in office should only be handled in a court of law.

Don’t fall for the okey doke.

McConnel said what he said for two reasons. He wanted American white supremacists, white nationalists and domestic terrorists to know most Republican Senators would never vote to convict the leader of his American Al Qaeda also known as the Trump base..

More importantly, McConnel wanted Democrats in the Department of Justice to file charges on Trump so he could point the finger at Democrats. McConnel wants to be able to point the finger at Democrats when seeking campaign contributions for Republicans from Trump loving billionaires and corporations.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to news reports, is considering a “911 type” commission to investigate all that went wrong on the day of the domestic terror attack on the nation’s Capital. That suggestion will only  work if members of both parties join independent citizens in a true investigation.

Okey doke is a phrase often used to suggest that something is OK or all right.

There is nothing that is OK about the false promises of elected officials and the ideas that politicians are casting votes for you instead of voting for themselves and each other!

Let me end with a secret that shouldn’t be a secret.

Not many Republicans can win a Primary election without support from the base and no GOP candidate can win general elections anywhere without support from moderate Republicans and Independents.

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