“Don’t Say Gay!” Precipice

By Don Valentine & Sarah Goldman

She -Said: Don, you know I’m a strong supporter of the “MAGA” movement. President Trump has the tendency to babble a bit, but overall he had a great message for America. Your Governor DeSantis is carrying the “MAGA” torch well. I hope he does run for President.

The new law he authorized pre-venting sexual material, like the homosexual lifestyle, from being taught in the K-3rd grade is a brilliant legislative act. Don you’re a Christian and I’m a devout member  of the Jewish faith and we can both recognize the biblical word denouncing this lifestyle.

He-Said: Pal, we find another point of agreement. I’m not as vitriolic as you in describing my view. My inclination is to not be judgmental. Like most of our readers, I am not capable of throwing the proverbial “First Stone!” As long as you’re not slowing down traffic, “Do You Boo-Boo.”  You will get the assessment of your life choices when you see St. Peter.

The problem here is you’re playing Checkers and I’m playing Chess. The long game to get the Governor vaulted to the Presidency is eradicating the teaching of  the “Critical Race Theory.”

Let me pull the curtain back for you. Reuters reported the next Chess move in this gambit. Last week a group of Florida parents sued that the law violates the 1st amendment and freedom of education. DeSantis is gambling that when this complaint eventually elevates to the Supreme Court, the conservative majority will uphold the Florida law. Now “Stare decisis” is established to set a precedent for reconstructing his-tory.

Sarah you’re White; you of all people would not want young impressionable kids to be educated on the facts. For instance, the mandatory internment of all Japanese people in WWII, the atrocious labor practices on the Chinese workers to build the nation’s railroads. God forbid, these young minds get exposed to the “Jim Crow” era abuses.

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