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Fort Lauderdale Community Development Corporation 2013 Community Service Awardees

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Fort Lauderdale Community Development Corporation 2013 Community Service Awardees

By Pamela Adams

The Fort Lauderdale Community Development Corporation celebrates 25 years of service to the Fort Lauderdale community to alleviate poverty by providing affordable housing, economic development and environmental advocacy. On the occasion of this milestone, FLCDC is recognizing its founders Arthur E. Williams and Juanita C. Phillips by establishing the “FLCDC Community Service Award” in their names.

By establishing this award the FLCDC Board recognizes the vision and commitment of FLCDC Founders Mrs. Phillips and Mr. Williams to build a sound and sustainable community.

Juanita Grooms Phillips, were community powerhouse and Broward County educator for more than 36 years. Phillips demonstrated her commitment to the community by founding the Fort Lauderdale Community Development Corporation, advocating personally and publicly for the FLCDC’s mission and investing in the FLCDC. She was an active and influential force in Broward County politically. She was a precinct woman involved in the campaigns of elected officials from governors to City commissioners. Phillips was involved in many community organizations all dedicated to the improvement of her community and its children.

Arthur Williams, founder and first president of the Fort Lauderdale Community Development Corporation was dedicated to the vision of alleviating poverty through affordable housing and economic development.

Williams was an educator, principal, coach, administrator and community activist, giving back to the youth and families in Broward County. Through his service, he. Fostered alleviating poverty through education and hard work. Williams served his church and many other community organizations including Cradle Nursery, Dorsey Riverbend HOA, and Broward Retired Teachers Association.

The FLCDC owns and operates six multi-family properties and three single family homes.  It recently redeveloped and sold two homes to first time home buyers. During the past 25 years, the FLCDC has hosted Community Holiday Toy Drives, advocated for environmental justice at the Wingate Transfer Site, conducted community education and outreach related to environmental justice and conducted first time home buyer education programs. As a certified CHDO FLCDC has received HOME, SHIP and Neighborhood Stabilization Program I funds to rehabilitate single family homes for first time homebuyers.

This is a time to appreciate and recognize the service of two past community leaders and set the ground work to recognize those that stand on their shoulders: Maude L. Storr and Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Throughout her lifetime, Storr has been involved in church and socio-civic activities in Broward County. She was co-chair of the Community Fundraising Committee for the African American Research Library and Cultural Center (AARLCC). For 58 years she has been an active member of Les Bonnes Amies Club, Inc. a local socio-civic club that was organized in 1947 to extend socio-civic services to the community. This club has a history of meeting unique needs of distressed families.

To ensure that we do not lose our local history, Storr has spent much of her time since retirement writing short biographies about local African Americans from all walks of life who in their own way have made a positive difference in the community.

Henry’s innovative entrepreneurial initiatives have led to the dramatic transformation of the traditional family-owned African American newspaper. Since his elevation to CEO, the newspaper has seen his emergence as an influential corporate member within the State of Florida and throughout the nation. Henry serves his community through his involvement. Mr. Henry has been active on the board of numerous organizations including the Negro Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Children, Broward Halfway House, Friends of Joseph C. Carter Park, L.A. Lee Branch YMCA, the Fort Lauderdale Youth Resource Center and  the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) the Black Press of America.

The FLCDC Founders Award will be bestowed on Maude L. Storr and Bobby R. Henry, Sr. for their extensive community service over the years and their continuing efforts in support of this community and the nation. The honors will be bestowed at the FLCDC Annual Meeting on May 18, 2013 at 10 a.m. at the Northwest Federated Women’s Club located at 2161 NW 19 Street, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.



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