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Four more years

Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

Four more years

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

     Well our prayers have been answered and we have the pleasure of watching one of the greatest Presidents AmeriKKKa has seen do his thing for four more years. Now that President Obama has been re-elected please don’t expect my main man to perform any miracles. There will be no making the blind see, the deaf hear or the cripple walk; the only healing that will be demonstrated is the healing of a nation. America is a nation rich in history, people, places, and culture, but in the past has been misled down a path of destruction and debt.

    President Obama has his hands full and is in store for an even rougher ride than the first four years, but his intellect, heart and common sense will not allow him to fail. We must not forget what he has accomplished and is prepared to attain while putting our nation back on the right track. I know you may say he hasn’t done anything for Black people as a whole, but do you not realize that almost the majority of middle class AmeriKKKa are Black people? Most of the bills proposed or bills passed have been beneficial to middle class and low budget families/citizens that just don’t make enough money to provide their families with all the necessities needed to sustain healthy lives and a common lifestyle.

    President Obama knows what it is to struggle, taking from Peter to pay Paul and still come up short. He too was once a young Black man striving to provide for his wife and new family while at the same time opposing racism and degradation. My Main Man knows firsthand what it feels like to not have enough and even when having enough, is still not enough. This is why I feel that he plans to fight for us as a people, no matter race, color or creed – he has his people’s best interest at heart.

    President Obama knows working citizens and their families need adequate health care, health care insurance, moderate education finances and an opportunity for normal healthy lives. No matter the color of your skin or nationality, all working American citizens deserve a fair chance of all American life has to offer, regardless of income or lack thereof. Healthy living citizens will help contribute to a healthier nation. We are plagued with all types of diseases but without proper health care and health care facilities this will not succeed.

    President Obama knows that education is the key and the foundation for success in today’s society and with-out proper education you are limiting yourself and your future. We all know college education is expensive with or without grants, that’s why my main man made extended education loans’ payment time by 10 years.

    President Obama doesn’t see color or race; he only sees a very rich nation falling by the wayside because of greed and uneducated individuals lost in the storm of financial instability. Now he has the job of cleaning up the biggest mess AmeriKKKa has ever seen and he already has a plan. And his plan requires the wealthy to help bail us out of this horrific debt, especially since they have made all their money right here in good ole U S of A. God Bless AmeriKKKa!!!


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