Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking

By W. Frank Wilson

      In Baseball it takes four balls to WALK; however, in Congress you don’t need any balls and Kevin McCarthy is a prime example.

His Balls are in the hands of Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and three Outstanding Democrats are being jerked around regarding committee assignments  McCarthy’s reference to integrity and accountability is laughable.

His objections to Schiff, Omar and Swalwell is political revenge and an attempt to endear himself with the extreme factions of the Maggot Republicans!

It is increasingly amazing how this man stands without a spine and walks without balls.

Taking fifteen votes and compromising all strengths for a title to seek revenge upon people who are not so much his enemies but those of Trump shows us who and what McCarthy is.

He is weaker than the last two Republican speakers in his influence and in his mind

Frankly Speaking, instead of Speaker of The House he should be called CPA ( Constant Pain in the Azz)





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