Genius Black student set to graduate at 19

GENIUS-BLACK-STUDENTGenius Black student set to graduate at 19

By Susan Johnes

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At 19 years, most students are still doing class work but not for Ronald McCullough, a 19-year-old individual who has dedicated all his teenage life to reading. According to media reports, the Black student will be graduating from Clark Atlanta University on May 22nd.

Ronald was admitted to the University at the age of 16 years. He will graduate with honors in B.A in Biology at 19 years, two full years ahead of his classmates.

In a statement released by Clark Atlanta, McCullough said he was not considering himself as a genius, but his love for learning led to such an incredible achievement. The teenager admitted that a lot of people had brilliant expectations for him and thus he never wanted to disappoint them.

McCullough, whose mother graduated from the same college, was one of the nearly 200 students who are members of the Isabella T. Jenkins Honors and Scholars Program t Clark Atlanta University.

The program provides students with the ultimate learning experience by nurturing and fostering intellectual independence. They encourage the pursuit of academic excellence, according to the CAU.

Ronald made a historical record in the institution by being the best and the brightest. The university administration praised the little man saying he represented the Black excellence.

Moreover, Richard was a disciplined student with unimpeachable character and a contagious drive towards his ambition.

When asked how he managed to balance his books, Richard said that he just woke up in the morning to do the right thing. “I concentrated on just doing what I believed was right for my future, I knew great rewards and opportunities awaited me,” he said in a statement.

McCullough has big plans after graduation. He aspires becoming an astronaut. Besides, the student wants to attend North Carolina A&T and enroll in their biological and agricultural engineering program.

Meanwhile, we can ask ourselves this question: are genius people born or cultivated through education? A genius person has a higher IQ, let’s say over 140. However, they must come up with excellent ideas that are original to be ad-mired by others.

However, you cannot become genius without your considerable efforts. If you are born lazy, of course, you will be stupid unlike those born intelligent. They will enhance their persistence and expertise in most domains, with the desire of achievement.

Ronald McCullough’s case covers the few reported cases of the genius Black student. The Blacks are natural born geniuses such that they dominate the economic and political fields, filling the top-ranked leadership and managerial positions.

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