Greatest Cat Flight Ever

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      This week let’s take a break from politics. If you want to read more about Trump, DeSantis, Demmings or Warnock, just pick up a copy of any newspaper published by the imperialist press.

It’s time to read and write about The Cat!

In October of 2022, the greatest cat fight in history took place across the pond at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Twenty thousand people, mostly women, bought tickets to see women fight each other on an all-female boxing card.

Headlining the card was the self-proclaimed GWOAT (greatest woman of all time) Claressa Shields versus Savannah Marshall. The fight was to unify all titles and make the winner the women’s undisputed middleweight champion of the world. If you missed the fight, videos should be available on your favorite internet video source.

The reason I said “self-proclaimed” is because in my mind, there have been several female boxers that would beat up or knock out ladies that dared to enter the squared circle to compete in a cat fight.

Don’t act like you’ve never heard of Laila Ali, Lucia Rijker, Ann Wolfe, Christy Martin, Mia St. John and others.

But, I imagine Claressa Shields is the “greatest” of NOW because all Shields does is win! Shields gets hit, and possibly hurt, but she hits her opponents more than she gets hit. She is fast but she doesn’t knock many people out.

Anyway, I called the October slate of multiple cat fights the greatest card of cat fights ever because what the women did, men will never ever do.

The so-called best male boxers run from each other. Instead of seeking to take on all comers, the guys in the sweet science look for reasons not to fight worthy opponents. They will say “potential opponents want too much money, the promoters don’t like each other or I don’t want to fight in that town”, for instance.

Male boxers should shut up and follow the cat fighter’s example.

First of all, Top Rank, Premier Boxing and other major boxing promoters in the United States refused to recognize the fact that women could sell out a 20,000 seat arena.

Also, even though the women came from different countries across the globe and had different managers and different promoters, the female boxing champions did not hesitate when they got the chances to fight other champions.

The cat champions fought the cats that the people wanted to see. I wish male boxers would do the same.

The days when Black families would gather around the radios and black and white TV sets to hear and see fights by Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson and Archie Moore are over.

I like boxing. I covered boxing in the U.S. and abroad when I was a sportswriter but I cannot pay $100 for pay-per-view fights to see a boxing match where fighters lie down as soon as they are touched.

Shields’ cat neighbor from Michigan, Alycia Baumgardner, was on the London card too and she became another undisputed champion when she soundly beat a former champion, Mikela Mayer.

In the boxing ring, it certainly seems it is bad luck to cross a Black Cat!

Internet cat fights are popular but they last 20 seconds. Real cat fights can last 20 or more minutes.

Support championship women’s boxing!


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