Heroes of Broward

Matthew Jean

Buy Xanax Brand Name Since the inception of modern media, certain narratives have consistently been promoted and only a handful of individuals receive positive recognition publicly. Our mission is to correct this imbalance and give the little guy and gal an opportunity to express themselves. We are determined to give those who deserve a platform an opportunity to control their narrative and share their story.

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Matthew Jean

Our Heroes of Broward initiative will exclusively focus on acknowledging the unsung heroes of our community. From the schoolteachers that spend extra hours and extra money out of their own pockets to provide their students an atmosphere that is conducive for learning. To the childhood friend who opened the doors to their home without hesitation to raise someone else’s child. We feel an obligation to identify and praise these remarkable people. These are our Heroes and here are their stories.


“Growing up in south Florida, Mental health was not discussed in my household or community. In fact, I didn’t learn how much my family of origin and the environment I grew up in influenced me. However, after studying psychology and family therapy, I saw clearly how my past directly impacted my present. I saw how my mind was shaped to believe that I would never amount to be anything. I was angry and felt hopeless. I had to get professional help. Many of our young men and women are thinking and feeling the very same things. Hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. But there is that stigma. How do I then bridge that gap between my knowledge and what the young people need? Simple. I became the therapist I needed 15-20 yrs ago. It started by giving back. I speak throughout south Florida on the importance of Mental Health at various community organizations. Then I created a space at my private practice and a culture that is welcoming at Beach Stone Counseling. Our goal for every client we encounter is for them to be SEEN, be HEARD and be VALUED.”



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