Immigrants out of the Frying Pan and Right into the Fire

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D

Some immigrants are known to have said to some American Reporters, a wall will not keep

us from coming”. Their country is in turmoil and danger if they remain there. They are running from that danger, and to find another place to go to and make a safe and a democratic way to live peacefully and to make a decent living and get some affordable housing.

Unfortunately, our American Government has a serious and dangerous dilemma and it is like a mirror of what is happening in other countries; it is also from within.

The cause and effect are, Miami and other cities in. America has turmoil too in our Government cannot fix it without all the Governments’ House and the Senate representatives to agree to a bipartisan technical resolution. This crisis is ordered and directed by our President of the United States. He is causing citizens to possibly lose their homes and their cars to get to a job or anywhere, due to the decision he has made to issue an outrageous Partial Government Shutdown. It is now going into the second month which would cause more of an economic crisis in many of all types of the American Industries of businesses.

Many of the airlines are already in danger, while employees are now possibly threatening and trying to find other employment in order to get a pay check each week or month to take care of their family households. Our President has created this international economic crisis when he ordered this Partial Government Shutdown to gain his personal agenda for his demand. It has created many American citizens to be without their income. It is also affecting many other business intities in America. Many American employees are not being paid each pay period. Many jobs sites, or companies are closing everywhere due to what our President is doing which could be considered as blackmail toward the country and the American citizens. The President is not backing down. He knows what he is doing to this country for what he believes is right. He wants to continue to prevent the Government workers not to receive a pay check until the Dems decide to go along with his demand to build the wall. President Trump is adamant that until the Dems agree to fund 5.7 billion dollars to build a Southern Border Wall, he will not open the partial Government shutdown.

He believes that a wall will stop the immigrants who are trying to enter America from their country but by illegal means. At this current time, our Government Senate and the House of representatives are not cooperating with each other, and they are also not equipped to handle this immigrant crisis technically yet. This crisis must be solved immediately, or our country is possibly falling into a mirror of the same problems that is happening in those countries where the immigrants are running from to enter America.

It is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, to the immigrants. The immigrants have discovered there is a problem here in America too. It could be worse than what they ran from. America should have a permanent legal Defense deterrent to stop any President of a country, who creates such a dangerous and outrageous economic disastrous crisis on his country and his own citizens who are having to experience it. It is much like what immigrants are running from. The American Government of Representatives of the House and the senate should agree to establish a permanent Bipartisan law that would prevent any President from shutting down the United States Government, partially or totally at any time for any reason. It will surely cause a serious dilemma of some type or another on the entire country and the citizens. A dilemma cannot be solved by creating another dilemma.


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