Where there is Smoke — There is Fire—Get Rid of Trump

There is a fundamental problem in America, and it starts with the leadership, which is the current President of the United States – Donald Trump. The president refuses to tell the truth, and negotiate in good faith, so the majority of what he says during the shutdown has already been rejected and unacceptable.

The Republicans and their base can tell themselves that the President is doing a good job, but his numbers get worse every day. Millions of Americans are not able to pay their bills, and in a ten minute speech to the nation on 1-19-2019, our president says nothing about their condition and circumstances.

The present shutdown (the longest in the history of the country) is now over a month long, and it appears that it could last another month or two, because neither the president or Congress is talking to each other with serious conversation to reopen the government. As federal workers go to work without a paycheck, the federal legislators should also receive no paycheck, and I can almost guarantee that the shutdown would end.

When American workers are forced to go to food pantries and soup kitchens to eat in the richest country on the planet, there is a pervasive sickness in the leadership and they must be removed.

The Democrats can blame the Republicans, and the Republicans can blame the Democrats, but it is time to open the government.

This recent shutdown is all about ego, and when the president of the country does not mention anything about the workers who are impacted, many think the speech was a “publicity stunt.” The president does not care about a wall, because his only concern is to win at this point.

“President Trump’s remarks today failed to acknowledge the pain and suffering he has caused to federal workers, contractors, and millions of Americans with this unnecessary government shutdown, and his rhetoric toward immigrants was inflammatory and unproductive. We would be glad to review, starting this week, any proposal he has to responsibly improve and increase border security.

To start this process, we have to immediately reopen the government,” says Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

The Democratic lawmakers rejected President Trump’s ten minute speech/proposal, and the Republicans felt the offer was reasonable, because the president extended DACA and TPS protections for the $5.7 billion wall bill.

From the very beginning of the shutdown, the fight has always been about the Democrats not spending $5.7 billion for an ineffective wall, so the ten minute speech was a waste of time. There was nothing new or different put on the table, so the empty words, the president spoke were shameful and disgraceful.

As the shutdown continues to drag on, there appears to be no bipartisan solutions, and Trump’s proposal proves to be one-sided. He is well aware that Americans are blaming him for the shutdown, and the speech was to shift the blame.

“The blame lies solely on Trump and the Republican enablers such as Mitch McConnell,” says Phil Tobar, managing director of America’s Voice. This shutdown is a crisis, and it must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Once the shutdown is resolved, the next step in America is that President Trump must be impeached or thrown out of office, by any means necessary. Every week there is a new scandal, and there must be a movement to get rid of our president. President Trump has never respected the rule of law, while 36 members on his team have been indicted for breaking the law.

Many think President Trump is an international criminal, and very few criminals will admit they broke the law. The president lies every time he opens his mouth, it is time to expose his criminality and prove that he is corrupt; it is time for a movement to get rid of our president.



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