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Information is energy. Share it with those who you feel will use it in a constructive positive  manner. Otherwise, save your energy.

Hey fam! Thanks for being present for yet another edition of On the Scene, where we discuss pop culture and give entrepreneurial tips while encouraging social good. As we approach the second half of 2019, we are realizing many of us are heavily engulfed in “busy” season. We are busy in our professional lives making moves and securing the bag, but we are spread thin in our own lives. I raise the age-old question: what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his trousers? Like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter, we too must be aware of our needs during an energy drought and prepare for that time during the harvest. Life is greater when you save your energy, save your money and save yourself.

# 1 – Save Your Energy

Notifications can rule your life if you don’t set boundaries. Our voicemail, text messages, and social media inboxes are filled with requests from family, friends, associates and colleagues 24/7. They want you to watch a video, have lunch or send a blessing to random people so you too can be blessed. Being pulled in several directions can deplete your energy and leaders cannot afford to be drained. Use priority lists to compartmentalize time for you, them and everything in between. You cannot attend every event, answer every call or read every message. Save your energy. You will need to draw from your source for energy-rich projects that demand your complete attention.  Let your presence be a blessing to both yourself and them.

# 2 – Save Your Money

As America cycles through political unrest, rest assured that peace is coming. However, political change will require your financial contributions in a variety of ways. Please save more, live below your means, increase your support of businesses that support your communities and invest in yourself. Many of us make just enough to be comfortable, but I am reminding you to finance your personal comfort as well as the comfort of your community. Here are a few rules of thumb, i.e. 1) pay yourself 10%, 2) save 10% and 3) set aside funds for community development. If we do not invest in ourselves, who will? Giving is one of the most poignant laws of the universe that no one can ignore, so live below your means so you can give more.

# 3 – Save Yourself

Make time to detach. Plan vacations. Reserve moments for prayer and solitude. In all situations make sure you are winning too. I firmly believe that we have everything inside of ourselves to navigate this world, but we must have the wherewithal to execute. The more you’re present, the more you can plug up those energy leaks and go from dreamer to doer.

Managing your energy should be a part of your self-care routine. Making time to persevere your essence can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. We only ask that you Just Do It!

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