Is corruption and racial profiling the way Florida does business

Racial profiling the way Florida does business
Racial profiling the way Florida does business
Racial profiling the way Florida does business

Is corruption and racial profiling the way Florida does business

By Roger Caldwell

Governor Scott has always wanted to be a political leader in the country, and he loves media attention. But with the resigning of Jennifer Carroll, his Lieutenant Governor, the corruption of Tony Bennett, his Education Commissioner, The Trayvon Martin Case, Traymon Williams, Racial profiling case, and the Sopchoppy Florida, Voter complain case, there is something wrong with the leadership in the state. Corruption is running rampant in Florida, and the only answer our governor has is buy a gun.

When the governor is busy putting out fires, the systems are dysfunctional, because there is no vision and leadership from the top. Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith, a black man was put into office to show that there was no racism in Sanford, but Trayman Williams says a police car was following him in the town. He made sure he was not breaking any laws, and he looked in his mirror and now three cars were following him, and they pulled him to the side of the road.

After being pulled over, Williams was thrown to the ground and handcuffed, and two of his passengers were handcuffed, and Williams heard the clicking of guns. Williams lives in the community and he was an out-spoken supporter, and gave several interviews during the George Zimmerman murder trial. The Sanford Police Chief has initiated an internal investigation and Williams is considering legal action.

In Sopchoppy, Florida, a small Panhandle town where there are only 500 residents and only 121 who voted, there are claims of a White city clerk suppressing the Black vote. This is ironic because City Clerk Jackie Lawhon made it difficult for Blacks to cast ballots by questioning their residency. The Black mayor lost by one vote and a Black commissioner was also ousted. The candidates have filed complaints with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but the city attorney Dan Cox says, ”I don’t think that anything was done that was out of line.”

Tony Bennett, the Educational Commissioner who just resigned, says that he did not do anything wrong also. In a resignation letter Tony Bennett dismissed the brewing scandal as “malicious and rooted in unfounded allegations, and created a distraction from important work and he was leaving his post immediately.” The Indiana State Teachers Association called Mr. Bennett letter-grading scandal exactly what it is “cheating.”

Anytime the Lieutenant Governor, the Educational Commissioner, the city clerk in one of the cities, the police department in Sanford are being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there is something fundamentally wrong with the system and leadership. Governor Scott is making a mockery of the governor’s office and embarrassing the state around the country, and the world.

Our governor needs to explain to Floridians how he allows corrupt people to work for him, and what he is doing to correct these problems. It is impossible for Floridians and specifically Florida African Americans to trust the system and trust our governor, when the leaders are cheating and corrupt.


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