January 2020 Caucus Classic

By Audra Mitchell-Atkinson

      In March of 1982, Mitch Bettis, Horace Shepard and Michael Curry attended a Mid-Year National Association Church meeting in Miami, Florida. After the meeting, the three close friends went up to Fort Lauderdale to play golf for three days.  In the midst of those days they enjoyed fellowship with each other and discussed the idea of coming to south Florida for one week in the winter months every year to play golf. They decided to share the idea with some other Brothers in Ministry. Further discussion continued concerning the idea of coming during the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday celebration. It was intended for a time of spiritually minded brothers in ministry and servants in the church to experience together 1.) Wholesome Fellowship.  2.) Physical Relaxation  3.) Spiritual Renewal in their “Faith” as Christian Brothers.

The idea widely spread throughout the church across denominational lines and throughout the country. Thus, in January of 1983, several brothers came together in Fort Lauderdale, and experienced a refreshing time of wholesome fellowship. Since that time for the past thirty-seven years in January, a group of Christian Brothers continued this much needed and wonderful time together. Over those thirty-seven years, myriad brothers of the cloth have experienced this event.  In January 1986, Dr. Horace Shepard, Jr. birthed the name of the group as the “January Caucus Classic.” Elder John Metoya and Dr. Curtis Eubanks serve as Co-Coordinators,  Rev. Nate Ligons as Chaplain, and Lady Diana Eubanks as the Fellowship Dinner Convener.

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