Learning from home has its short comings

The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.

By Armani Parks

Because of the coronavirus, my third grade sister Taliya Parks and I, along with millions of other kids, are doing our school work from home.

When we look at these pictures of young teens and adults hanging out and not caring about what’s happening to our community, I think about what the government has been telling us about not to being in crowds and how it would be safer for us to stay home. Only come out to go to work and emergencies only.

Also, the government mentioned that by not following these rules we will cause the virus to spread and let innocent people die.

We are now missing school and we need help from our teachers when we are not understanding our school assignment. Since our teachers are not able to assist us right away, we have to wait for our teachers to respond which could take a day or a few hours.

A lot of students have parents who have been out of school for over 30 years. With that being said, let’s do better so the economy can be great again, and we can return to our schools and teachers.


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