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      PARKLAND, FL—Once a quiet part of Broward County, mostly known for its zoning laws. However, the fatal day of February 14th, 2018, when the entire city was rocked by one of the most tragic events to befall the small city.

On February 14th, 2018 from 2:21 – 2:27 p.m., a former student had opened fire on his former school: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The attack left 17 deceased and 17 injured. Since then, the question of gun violence has been the talk of most school systems. This was only one of many other similar tragedies from before Parkland, and after. Despite the horrid increase of gun violence, there seems to be no real attempt to try and issue better restrictions to possession of certain guns. Most gun owners feel that their civil liberties are being besmirched. However, one could argue that they are not the victims.

And so, it is up to those victims to make a stand.

The student group March for Our Lives was founded by David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin as well as several other students of the 2018 Stoneman Douglas tragedy. Since its conception, the group has rallied hundreds of thousands around the country with the utmost goal to fight for tighter gun laws. Their efforts included a nationality televised march in Washington, D.C, that landed on the cover of Time Magazine and received the international Children’s Peace Prize from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Now, March for Our Lives are hitting the road in a cross-country campaign to help register young voters for the 2020 November elections.

The groups will visit nine states: including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, and Georgia, starting Monday. Their first stop will be in Miami. They want to create an on-the-ground art exhibitions that will parallel digital rallies. Each exhibit will raise awareness on issues that intersect with their mission—to engage the youth so that they can be encouraged to vote.

Their efforts also focus on gun violence prevention in accordance with racial injustice, mistreatment of immigration, as well as health care and economic inequality.

March For Our Lives is partnering with organizations including Dream Defenders, United We Dream, Sunrise Movement and International Indigenous Youth Council. If you would like to learn more about their cause, visit their website at

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