Marijuana business names blooming

marijuanaMarijuana business names blooming

By Mike Vasilinda

      With the potential legalization of medical marijuana by voters this fall, more than a hundred corporations using the name marijuana have been formed in Florida. More are likely to set up shop if the amendment is approved.

From one end of the state to the other, more than 100 corporations using the name Marijuana have been charted by the state in at least 25 counties. They call themselves Marijuana Industries, Marijuana RX, or the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida.

Jeff Shakey chartered the Business association.  “For people trying to figure out what this virtual real estate on the internet going to look like so, as you know from your research, people went out and document ED and captured dozens of URL names and corporate names to try and get ahead of the curve” says the veteran lobbyist.

Sharkey has long represented one of Florida’s favorite sons. Jimmy Buffet. The two were recently seen at the exclusive Governor’s Club having lunch in the shadow of the state Capitol.

Sharkey is coy about whether Buffet sees marijuana as a potential business.

Talk to me about Jimmy Buffet” we asked. Sharkey laughs.

You’ve got pictures of him on the wall…Yeah

Well, Jimmy Buffet’s an old friend of mine. Werepresented Margritaville Holdings for a number of years. They have a very diversified business. Jimmy has been watching nationally as medical marijuana has been passed,” says Sharkey.

The cost of registering a corporation is cheap.. just $70. But profits could be huge. As many as four hundred thousand patients could qualify if voters legalize medical marijuana.

Meeting the demand for medical marijuana would require growing hundreds of thousands of pounds of pot each year.


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