Modern day media devils

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Lucius-GanttThe Gantt Report

Modern day media devils

By Lucius Gantt

      In the eyes of God, the very worst thing you can be is a hypocrite! You can’t go around saying you the Lord, you love the light, you love the life and you love the truth when you really love Satan, Lucifer and a variety of other devils!

Many of America’s Black organizations, groups, teams, fraternities, sororities, churches, mosques, masjids, temples, schools, and businesses are facing and dealing with the same kind of hypocrisy!

Today, no group is dealing with and facing more devilish and hypocritical attacks than America’s Black owners of media companies and institutions!

As Black owned media companies are fighting a desperate struggle to stay in business, meet employee and staff payrolls and pay their bills to stay afloat, who other than a devil would tell Black media to refuse advertising from a reputable, respected, trusted and loyal Black advertising agency? Who would tell Black newspapers, magazines, digital and internet firms, radio stations and TV stations to refuse advertising from a politician or political party if they are not the political party that spends less with Black businesses than any other political party? And, who would tell a hard-working, long time, professional Black owned media companies to hate the people that work hard to help you and shy away from the people that can generate money for you and have never had any issues in the past about paying you?

I know the answer. The Black media devil!

Well, the media devil is the person that gets business by throwing shade on the media Angels, pouring salt on the media innovators and lying about the history, experience and capabilities the media business men and women that put Black media owners first and sometimes put themselves last.

With so much commercial, governmental and political advertising money being spent these days, there is enough cash to go around.

When Black owned media companies unite, Black owned media companies have power! When Black owned media companies work together, they have more strength. When Black media owners join together for a common cause, they can do more for their companies, more for our community and more for themselves!

I’m not somebody that just heard about Black owned media. Black media pioneers and Black media icons took me under their wings and helped my fly.

If you don’t like The Gantt Report, blame one of the Godfathers of Black owned media in America.

Garth Reeves was the very first person to endorse and support The Gantt Report when it started as a newsletter, became a newspaper and became the internationally known o-pinion column it is today!

Charles Cherry, Ike Williams, Cleve Johnson, Levi Henry, Les Humphries and other Black media icons joined to make me a President of the Southeast Black Publishers Association during a time when Black newspapers thrived and progressed.

Back then media ownership wasn’t always a bowl of cherries. Newspaper publishers fussed and cussed about policies and procedures, about personal relations and many of the things that bother Black media owners today.

But they stuck together. I remember when two or three publishers would bring guns to media meetings, but they never fired on each other.

They were just ready to fight anyone and everyone that wanted to divide and conquer the Black press, any-one that wanted to attack the Black press and anyone that would lie on Black media owners and set up fake media organizations in order to use and misuse the Black owned media companies that we all loved so much.

Don’t let the modern day media devils divide and conquer Black owned media companies.

Young publishers and other media owners that inherited media firms from your parents and grandparents, it would behoove you to learn Black media history.

The media devil is tricky. Print and broadcast satan is trying to make you think your media friend is your enemy and your enemy is your friend.

Ask questions and compare backgrounds of people that come to you.

Some Black media people have hopes and dreams while media devils like plots and schemes! (Buy Gantt’s latest book, “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” on and from bookstores everywhere. Contact Lucius at And, if you want to, “Like” The Gantt Report page on Facebook.)



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