President Obama winning is a mark of American Liberty

Roger Caldwell
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Roger Caldwell

President Obama winning is a mark of American Liberty

By Roger Caldwell

     America will be blessed with four more years of President Barack Obama and his administration. The president was given a mandate with 332 Electoral College votes, and he won all of the battleground states except for North Carolina. Even though the economy is struggling, the citizens decided that President Obama’s policies will move the country forward and prepare it for the future.

    President Obama won 93 percent of the African American vote, 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, 73 percent of the Asian vote, 40 percent of the White vote, and a large segment of the youth vote. In every state, the Democrats had a superior ground operation, and the goal was to mobilize the grassroots to go to the polls and vote. President Obama believes that he won this election because the Democrats were more organized, and volunteers worked harder to get more voters registered.

    He believes that his experience as a community organizer was one of the keys to the success of his campaign. As a community organizer he learnt the secret to touching and communicating with the grassroots folks, and the help they needed to get to the polls. He used buses to get college folks to the polls, and he used fraternities, sororities, and community organizations to get the senior citizens and poor folks to the polls.

    On the other hand, the Republicans thought that 2008 political coalition was a fluke and the Republican Governor’s thought by suppressing the vote; they could manipulate the outcome of the election. Some governor’s created long ballots and long lines at the polls to inconvenience voters and make them wait for six hours to vote.

    Nevertheless, Americans understood that each vote counted, and each vote was their voice, and it represented years of oppression and mistreatment. There was a sense of desperate controlled opportunity and this new political/minority coalition got stronger as the lines got longer. The demographics in America changed in 2008, and in 2012 we were unified, and we spoke with one voice, and we see with one vision.

    In 2012, America was confronted with two different visions for our country, and President Obama was chosen by over 3 million votes. The road will not be easy and there will be many roadblocks and gridlocks along the way. But America believes that the best person was chosen for the job in this time in a dangerous world, home and aboard.

   The citizens have given the president four more years to finish the work that he has started. The Affordable Care Act will be implemented and 30 to 40 million more American will be given the opportunity to get healthcare, and millions of jobs will be created. Women will be treated as a whole person and they will determine what is right for their bodies. More money will be allocated to education, and the jobs of the future will become a focus.

    Everyone in America is well aware that the struggle to perfect our union will be difficult, but we love our country. President Obama said in his acceptance speech, “We are an American family and we rise and fall as one people. The road has been long, the road has been hard, but we have picked ourselves up, and the best is yet to come.”

    The demographics of the country and the world are changing, and the old folks must move over and allow the young folks to share their vision of tomorrow. You will either be the problem or part of the solution. America has chosen to move forward with President Obama for four more years.   


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