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President’s scandal with adult film star

Don Valentine

He Said – She Said

President’s scandal with adult film star

By Don Valentine & Nicole Nutting

      She said: Don, lately it seems like humanity is walking backwards. Extra-marital affairs with porn stars, and hush money to cover them up. THIS, from the man who represents Americans to the whole world. Where is the righteous indignation of the “family values Republican Party?”


Nicole Nutting

He said:  Nicole, you know this is not an isolated incident of a President cheating on his wife.  Let me cite J.F.K. and President Clinton to start out. If we are going to open the “Pandora’s Box” of every maleficent deed in one’s past, “You can cast the first stone”!

     She said: Politicians having affairs is not a remarkable phenomenon, but it can be indicative of a larger pattern of behavior. Our President cheated in business for decades. In office, he has shown himself to be a selfish, arrogant, and unethical person. He behaves as though he is above the law. As the leader of a country of laws, it makes him less a president than a dictator. THAT is a problem!

     He said:  Well, you bring up an interesting point.  Let me contrast that, after considerable effort, no familial scandals or financial misdeeds were found on President Obama.

We as a country have a wealth of more pervasive acts for which Trump is under scrutiny.  N. Y. Times, Alan Lichtman reported this Sunday that Trump is looking into retaining attorney Emmet Flood, famed for pulling Clinton out of his impeachment proceedings successfully. Hmm, does that give you pause?

       The Washington Post notes your President has just over 2,500 lies espoused to the public via tweet, speech or interviews. The man is uncouth!  In a rant Saturday, campaigning for a cohort he said Congresswoman Maxine Waters was “…a very low i.q. person” That is not professional or Presidential. The world has more tangible issues with your President than his sex life!!





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