Putin – Hitler’s Reincarnation

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

A new villain threatens the world’s order. However, this time the evil villain is Vladimir Putin who’s a reincarnation of Hitler. Putin, unlike Hitler who chose Jews, beggars, LGBTs, and homeless people to murder and incinerate, has chosen to identify Ukrainians to displace, kill and  annex their country.

America and its NATO Alliance’s decision to tolerate Putin’s encroaching into their political elections and giving aid and comfort to cyber hackers only intensified his destructive motives. Regrettably, failure to confront Hitler’s demonic aggression led to World War II.

Consequently, Putin’s aggressive behavior has always indicated that he envies democracies, hates the NATO Alliance, and wants to restore Russia, the great land mass, as the Soviet Union. His meddling in Syria and throughout the middle east has slowly but steadily revealed his cynical plan to disregard international laws governing the sovereignty of his borderline countries.

America and its NATO Alliance blinked as Putin took portions of Georgia and annexed Crimea. Having been embolden by the ease in which he was able to seize Crimea, it was just a matter of time before all of Ukraine would become his next conquest.

Yet again, why has humankind failed to recognize Putin as a reincarnation of Hitler? Or is it because of fear, naivete, or just the continued refusal to disregard the lessons of history?

The terrible conditions in Germany during the early 1930s led to Hitler’s rise to power. Similarly, the collapse of the Soviet Union eventually led to Vladimir Putin becoming president of Russia for life. It’s as though the fear of the past, which now exist as fear of Critical Race Theory, continues to not only threaten world peace, but all of humanity.

Fortunately, humankind isn’t witnessing the genocide Hitler perpetrated. Nevertheless, with great horror, humankind must again bear witness to Putin’s inhumanity towards the people of Ukraine. Here, during the 21st Century, Putin is deliberately using weapons of deadly force to murder and inflict unbelievable mayhem upon men, women, children, and the elderly.

What’s even more preposterous, America and its NATO Alliance, behave as though they’re mere spectators to a game of thorns. Still, encouraging is President Biden’s stealth attention to Ukraine’s dilemma. America must continually supply arms to ensure that there’s a sheer chance that Ukrainians can defend themselves. America and the NATO Alliance must do more to stop Putin. But what?

In addition to what’s already occurring, America must expose Putin’s Achilles heel. As with all dictators, Putin’s Achilles heel is his insatiable greed, corruption, and continual theft from the Russian peoples’ National Treasury for himself and the Oligarchs who supports him. This war is also an attempt to divert the Russian people’s attention away from Russia’s real economic, social, and political problems.

Sadly, ex-president Trump and Republicans have called Putin’s savage attack on the people of Ukraine a brilliant undertaking. How is it possible that a major political party of the world’s greatest democracy refuse to deem Putin’s diabolic actions as being unacceptable?

But as an afterthought, it was Trump, who incited the January 6, 2021, insurrection and members of the Republican Party refuse to condemn this attack. Thus, it’s unimaginable to think that they would deplore Putin’s murderous behavior.

But, as the world watches Putin’s attempt to destroy Ukraine’s democracy, there’s an enormous difference. Unlike Afghan soldiers who surrendered their weapons and refused to defend their Country, Ukrainians are willing to die for their Country and freedoms.

Because of the Ukrainians’ resolve to fight valiantly, Putin rather than erecting incinerators, cowardly put Russia’s nuclear forces on alert. Is Putin not the reincarnation of Hitler? And is Trump and Republican sympathizers not as evil as Hitler’s Nazi Party? Hitler incinerated Jews and non-Jews. Now, Putin contemplates nuking Ukrainians!

Wow! Will Republicans choose to shield their children from learning that on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, they endorsed the invasion and murderous conquest of the Ukrainian people? Further, will Republicans choose to pave the way for Trump to again pursue the presidency as a reincarnation of Hitler, their Fuhrer?



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