Putin’s Insane Nuclear Threat

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

America now finds itself held hostage by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. He’s a mad man whose head appears to have become too heavy to remain upright or to think sensibly. If you notice, it always tilted to his right. Just maybe, he does this because he wants to be able to dodge the plane carrying the nuclear bomb he’s threatening to launch. In fact, his table is literally long enough to serve as a runway for an airplane to take off carrying a nuclear bomb.

Seriously, this isn’t something to really joke about. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to think that the President of any country with nuclear weapons would threaten to use them on a sovereign country with an army comprised of and currently recruiting children and women along with men.

But again, if Putin’s hair turned black with a black toothbrush moustache placed below his nose, he would be a perfect likeness to the world’s infamous mad man, Hitler.

America and its NATO Alliances must search their souls and lament profusely while held as hostages by Putin. They will watch Ukraine’s men, women, and children be murdered merely because they yearn to live in a country and pursue a more perfect democracy.

What’s even sadder, the world has again allowed hatred, racism, and ethnocentrism to produce another mad man. Thank God, America’s voters evicted its mad man from the White House on November 3, 2020.

Now the former president is hunkered down in his Mar-a-Lago Mansion commending Putin for waging a murderous war against Ukraine. Aren’t Putin’s and Trump’s behaviors un-mistakable evidence of two narcissistic mad men?


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