Statement from an Haitian TPS Recipient

STATEMENT-FROMStatement from an Haitian TPS Recipient

By M. Farah Larrieux, Haitian TPS Recipient Miramar, Florida

      In the aftermath of DHS decision regarding TPS designation for Haiti granting an extension of 18 months which will expire on July 22, 2019, it seems many have misunderstood the request of Haitian TPS recipients and Immigrants advocacy organizations to the Trump administration.

Since March 2017, we, TPS recipients and all immigrants and community advocacy groups have constantly requested to President Donald Trump and to the Department of Homeland Security an extension of 18 months or 24 months, giving time to Congress to work on a new law that will give to all TPS recipients a path to permanent residency.

We understand the Temporary Protected Status is a “Temporary” program granted by the U.S. President with an executive order.  We understand only Congress can give a permanent solution by passing a new law that will give permanent residency to all TPS recipients – not only Haitians.

Therefore, today DHS has responded to our request.  And for that, we are grateful to President Trump and to acting Secretary Homeland Security Elaine Duke.  We also want to thank all members of Congress and Haitian-American elected officials who have been advocating on behalf of the Haitian people; to the Haitian government and to all Haitian community leaders around United States; and to all media who have covered and still continue to cover this issue.

We will continue to fight for our dignity, immigrant and human rights as we are intensifying dialogue with members of Congress so they can act promptly and pass a new law that will give permanent residency to over 300,000 TPS recipients and to over 800,000 DACA recipients.

The fight is not over.


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