Sweet potato pie, politics, ice cream and a great day to be one

Mitch Ceaser
Mitch Ceaser
Mitch Ceaser

Sweet potato pie, politics, ice cream and a great day to be one

By Mitch Caesar Democratic Chairman of Broward County

A funny thing happened on April 12,2014. The Buy Indian Valium Online Westside Gazette Order Valium Online Legal Editorial Board (WEB) held a political forum at Mount Herman AME Church.

Candidates from across Broward decided to show up and talk to real voters. It was irrelevant who was Black or white or African American or Caribbean. What did matter was the house was full, the sweet potato pie and ice cream was tasty and the politics was positive and helpful.

Municipal, county, legislative, and Judicial candidates were present to bridge a gap left vacant for too long. I watched with pleasure from the back of the room as candidates visited tables, spoke and listened before shifting to the next group. These were real conversations and not the usual political sayings. Interestingly there were some candidates present whose district did not cover central Broward. That was gratifying.

If we are to be a true community we must act in unison. We must be our “brother’s keeper” in politics, family and life. This was a giant step in that direction. It was a great day to all be one.


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