“Test Your Bible Knowledge “

Bible Trivia

1) What is the only unpardonable sin in scripture?

2) Is there a difference between the ‘gifts of the spirit’ and the ‘fruit of the spirit’?

3) What does it mean to “crucify oneself “?

4) Why was Abel offering to God better than his brother Cain?

5) Do you have to be baptized by water to receive the Holy Spirit?

6) What were the names of Job’s three friends?

7) What does it mean when a preacher is skilled in exegesis?

8) If I’m preaching an entire chapter in the Bible ‘verse by verse’ what style of preaching is this?

**Biblical fact** The Dead Sea Scrolls were written on sheets made from the papyrus reed.

Answers – 1) Mt 12:31-32;  2) 1st Corinthians 12: 8-10 & Galatians 5:22-23;  3) Galatians 5:24;  4) Genesis 4:4-5 & Hebrews 11:4;   5) Acts 10:44-48;  6) Job 2:11;   7) His ability to interpret scripture;   8) Expository preaching

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