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King David was not allowed to build the temple. Why?

Who gave King David the written plans to build the temple?

What was the weight (tons) of gold, silver and other materials used in building the temple?

Where is it found in the Bible when Jesus called His body a temple?

Complete the following verse: ‘What? Know ye not that your body is…………………………….

Complete the following verse: ‘ And I saw no temple therein……………..

Who eventually destroyed the ‘Great Temple’ of King Solomon?

For 400 years Israel had only a tent, the tabernacle as the house of God. Was God satisfied with a tent and tabernacle as His house?


** Biblical note** During construction of Solomon’s temple scripture says that the sound of any tools were absent while it was in building (1Kings 6:7)


Answers – 1) 1 Chronicles 28:3;  2) 1 Chronicles 28:19;  3) 1 Chronicles 29:7-8 (GNB) 190 tons of gold, 380 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, 3750 tons of iron;  4) John 2:19-21;  5) 1Corinthians 6:19;  6) Revelation 21:22;   7) Nebuchadnezzar – 2 Kings 25:1-9;  8) Yes – 2 Samuel 7:5-7;

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