Testa-lyin’ in the Black Church

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traciet, the Street Detective

The Detective has been sleuthing through some dirty, gritty, grimy sands lately and decided to get cleaned up a little, so I went to church service Sunday at Word of the Living God in Pompano Beach where Pastor John Mohorn presides as pastor and teacher. Despite the best efforts to stay clear of the foolishness, Ol’ Peter ran into Superintendent Vickie Cartwright and her husband in the Black church. Sources say Cartwright and her husband were supposed to show up with Carmen Jones who neglected to inform the pastor of the Super’s visit. This is just another example of how the Super seeks out and act on unwise counsel. Everyone knows that there are unspoken but clearly understood rules in the Black church. Dignitaries don’t just show up unbeknownst to the Pastor, but it appears that Jones was making good on her $48,000 consultant agreement.

Ol’ Pete gives Super Cartwright some credit. She was told to make good with the Black community and what better way to kick off the effort than to cross the threshold of the Black church with a King James Bible in one hand and a charm with a Black Jesus on the cross in the other. Contrarily, the Street Committee is talking, critiquing, and seeing through Cartwright’s efforts as being short of genuine. No amount or “testa-lying” (and she did plenty) can make up for the attack on Blacks that she executed at the beginning of her superintendency. Black parishioners told Peter that they don’t want to be pacified or patronized. They are seeking real atonement that starts with an apology, something they doubt Cartwright would ever extend. The Super made some erroneous assumptions when she came to Broward and was led astray by some folk with personal agendas. Peter Traceit, the Street Detective, is told Cartwright must first understand and embrace for herself that she was targeted and used to exact other people’s vengeance, and then she must seek out those who she hurt and atone.

Peter is assured that Cart-wright would never accept this ultimatum in the sand. While she was targeted by others to throw sand in the eyes of unsuspecting staff, who she is as a person and leader made her an easy target. She was a willing participant. The folks from Osh Kosh, Wisconsin warned us.

Hiring and following the rules are not particularly easy feats for Cartwright. She just cannot stay out of trouble; it appears that in her mind, the rules are for others, not her. The Street Detective traced some dirt in the hiring process for an assistant principal at Parkside Elementary School. Ol’ Peter sleuthed that the candidate who is moving forward for approval is not the candidate that scored at the number one spot during the interview. If rumors are true, another former employee from Orange county is being given preferential treatment. Chernita Adamson is reportedly the wife of Central Region Superintendent, Darius Adamson. The wind in the sand is whistling that a district administrator overruled the usual process and directed the Parkside principal and interview committee members to recommend C Adamson for the position. A public records request will reveal the dirty deeds of how C. Adamson was able to secure the job after she reportedly did not score the highest points in the interview. Mums the word so far on another one of Cartwright’s hiring debacles.

Detective Traceit is told that another one of the Super’s lead birds, Marilyn Doyle, is the topic of dirty conversations. Doyle has been caught with a hot mic. It’s one thing when your mic is off, your camera is on and your poker face is not good. It’s quite another when your camera is on with a twisted face, and your mic is also on and you’re talking cash money ish. Peter is told that Doyle thought she was muted, and she clapped at Lisa Maxwell of the Broward Principals and Assistants Association (BPAA) with an unpopular opinion in response to Maxwell’s request for APs to be paid for Saturday work. Maxwell, in her usual form clapped back and completely shut down Doyle’s face unit, volume and camera. It appears that Doyle has a difficult time understanding how to use the mute function as Ol’ Peter understands this is not the first time she has been caught with a hot mic. I guess when Super Cartwright described her new Deputy of Teaching and Learning as one with a level of class that was lacking in her Executive Cabinet, she didn’t consider how Doyle behaves when she thinks no one is watching. Someone needs to remind Cartwright and Doyle that how you behave when no one is watching defines your character.

The Detective is committed to continuing this journey of dragging through the sands in search of clues

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