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Thanksgiving need not be ruined by political chicanery

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Thanksgiving need not be ruined by political chicanery

By Derek Joy

Turkey, ham and lots more delectable goodies. . .

Such are the treats to be devoured and enjoyed on Thanksgiving as family, friends, associates and colleagues gather once again.

In a year that saw the mayors of three municipalities in Miami Dade County – Homestead, Miami Lakes and Sweetwater – busted in the same month for public corruption, other cities seated newly elected officials.

Philip Levine won the Mayor’s seat in Miami Beach and Attorney Keon Hardemon trounced the Rev. Richard P. Dunn II by a nearly three to one vote to win the city of Miami’s District 5 Commission seat.

Levine replaced the ousted Matti Herrera Bower and Hardemon replaced term limited Michelle Spence Jones.

So, they’ll have their Thanksgiving dishes while celebrating victory and licking the wounds of defeat.

But will that be the case for George Zimmerman? Getting away with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was not enough for Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second degree murder charges last July, after having shot and killed Martin in Feb. 2012.

He traveled across the country in his SUV. Got stopped by police. Then was ticketed for speeding. Ran afoul of the law in an abusive encounter with his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman and her father.

Now, he’s out on bail after allegedly physically, emotionally and mentally abusing his girlfriend in her house. Forced her out of her own home and barricaded the door with furniture.

Zimmerman’s arrest led to a rather paltry $9,500 bond on charges of domestic violence, assault and battery. Black Americans charged with the same offenses are frequently saddled with much higher bonds.

Still, Zimmerman wins undeserved favor to go out and perpetrate other crimes.

“That’s karma,” said Danielle Clark, of Miami Gardens.

Miami native and long time Seminole County resident Mary Sims Mc-Call, said:  “Things are not good in our society, in our world.”

Interestingly enough, Martin lived in Miami Gardens. McCall’s mot-her lives in Miami Gardens.

And as if the recent spate of homicides, drive by shootings and other violent crimes aren’t enough to cause wonder, the Miami Gardens Police Department added fuel to the fire.

The Miami Herald recently reported on alleged transgressions by some white officers on the Miami Gardens Police Department. Videotapes from the 207 Quick Stop Convenience Store revealed what appeared to be excessive force, illegal arrests, searches and seizures.

Now, one would think that more police efforts in preventing and solving crimes instead of the conduct captured on tape and reported in the news should not be tolerated in a so called “Zero Tolerance” city.

No wonder such travesties in justice have been exposed. Miami Gardens mostly likely the only municipality in America where the minority population accounts for a majority on the police department.

Black Americans make up some 65 percent of the population in Miami Gardens, but are in the minority on its police department. Only in America; a country of crooks.

No matter. Mull this over and enjoy Thanksgiving Day!!!


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